CBD Oil Storing Tips from a Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles

When you buy CBD oil from a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles, you have to follow certain protocols when it comes to storage. Now, you may think that cannabidiol oil won’t go bad, but the changes are minute. Over the next few weeks after improper storage, there is a good chance for a reduction in quality. 

That’s because external factors like light, heat, and air can affect the quality of your CBD oil. So this article is all about how to properly store your CBD oil. Don’t worry, these are easy practices to follow. 

Maintain Optimal Temperatures

Ask any expert, and they will tell you that the best temperature for storing CBD is 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 23 degrees Celsius. Temperatures above this said limit may cause the depletion of its purported benefits and properties. 

Now, you may find articles suggesting that freezing CBD may be a good option. While it isn’t recommended, you’re better off going lower in terms of temperature than higher. If you do freeze your CBD, you can always bring it back up to the 70-degree mark.

Keep It In a Cool and Dark Place

Storing CBD under direct sunlight is pretty much a criminal offense. For one, high temperatures, as we mentioned, will compromise the quality of your CBD oil. 

Another important thing to remember is that the UV rays from the sun will cause a breakdown in the cannabinoids present in your oil. Likewise, it will result in a reduction in the quality of your CBD product

Airtight Containers Are the Way to Go

The problem with air mixing with CBD products is that oxygen can disrupt the balance that your oils should have. That said, they should be stored in airtight containers. 

You’ll notice that when you buy CBD oil from a dispensary, it is packaged in a way that does not allow air to flow as easily. And that said, do not attempt to switch containers because they are better off with their original storage places.

Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles

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