A First-Timer’s Smoking Guide From a Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles

As a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles, we don’t only provide you with high-quality products to give your money’s worth. As part of our service, we also give our readers something that could add value to their lives. This one is for those who are about to experiment with cannabis smoking for the first time.

It’s understandable to have apprehension about smoking weed for the first time, given the horror stories you’ve probably heard. But, it doesn’t always have to be a traumatizing and forgettable experience. With this short and quick guide, hopefully, you can make your first encounter with the magic herb worth your while.

Mindset Plays a Role

Having the wrong mindset is one of the main reasons why people have a negative experience with cannabis for the first time. More often than not, it’s having overblown expectations based on stories from others or narratives that media and pop culture have created, most of which are already outdated.

If you’re smoking for the first time, try to turn your mind into a blank slate and free it from any preconceived notions. Take in the entire experience as it is, when it happens.

Some people don’t feel anything during their first hit, while others are immediately kicked hard. Keep in mind that your experience may be the same or different, but it will vary from person to person.

It Pays to Do Some Research

You don’t need to have extensive knowledge about cannabis, but it does help to know a thing or two. There is a lot of information to take in, from strain differences, THC percentages, even myths you shouldn’t believe.

Knowing all of these helps make the experience less daunting. And if you do decide to carry on with recreational cannabis use, all of these pieces of information could come in handy for your next smoking session.

Cannabis Strains Don’t Always Operate As Advertised

At the same time, not everything you researched about is a hundred percent accurate, and cannabis strains are a good example.

You’ll probably read about the two primary strain classifications: indica and sativa. The former is purported to have sedating effects while the latter is said to be the opposite and could liven up your dull days.

However, as we mentioned in a previous section, it still comes down to personal experience. Some people feel alive after smoking indica while others are brought down after taking some sativa. Likewise, create your own experiences.

Your Environment Plays a Role

Since you’re taking a mind-altering substance for the first time, be sure to place yourself in a safe and comfortable environment. Put some good music on. Dim down the lights. Most importantly, surround yourself with people you trust, who will take care of you in case things go south.

Your environment will play a huge role in your first cannabis trip. Give importance to it.

a first timers smoking guide from a cannabis dispensary in los angeles

A Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles You Can Call Your Own

Now that you’re ready to begin your cannabis journey, you’ll also want a reliable dispensary that you can call your own. And we at Roots LA can be just that for you.

We’re located along Sherman Way in Sun Valley and we’re open daily from 6 AM to 10 PM. And if you can’t drop by any of our stores across LA County, we can deliver your products to you.

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