A Guide to Rolling the Perfect Joint From the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

Best dispensary in Los Angeles

Depending on who you ask, many would consider Roots LA as the best dispensary in Los Angeles. And if you’re one of those loyal patrons, we appreciate you greatly. 

As a thank you, we will give you this short guide on rolling a joint. This one is for beginners who are finally looking to learn this rather simple art form (yes, it is an art form, in a sense) but haven’t gotten around to it. And you’d be surprised at how many cannabis lovers don’t know to roll themselves a joint. 

Now, we won’t be touching on the step-by-step process here since you can find videos of those online. This is more of a list of tips to make your joint rolling a lot easier and more efficient. And hopefully, this will be useful for you. 

Use Bigger Rolling Papers

If it’s your first time rolling a joint, you’d want to go with larger rolling papers. This prevents the ground-up buds from spilling all over the place, for one. And with that extra space, you can use, you won’t feel as overwhelmed when trying to pack everything in. 

And since it is your first time rolling, expect to be using more than one paper. You’ll be doing a lot of trial and error here so have a few sheets with you just to be sure. 

Grind Your Buds Properly

When we say properly, we mean that they’re not too powdery but not too intact, either. The happy medium you’re looking for is the consistency of pencil shavings. They won’t break down on your hand and they’re still solid enough to hold. 

Also, be sure not to overfill your grinder. Doing this puts too much unnecessary work on it, making it less efficient. 

Don’t Forget the Filter Tip

If you don’t want to burn your lips when smoking down to the roach, you need a filter tip. And surprisingly, many novice rollers forget about this very important aspect of the joint. 

The filter tip, otherwise known as the crutch, is usually made from a thicker piece of paper. Most people use a piece of a business card for this particular purpose. But if you don’t want to go through that trouble, you can actually buy them in small bundles. 

Best dispensary in Los Angeles

Get Your Joint Rolling Tools From the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

Whether you want to start rolling joints for peers or you just want to practice some more, you can get your papers and other tools from us at Roots LA. We’re located along Sherman Way in the Sun Valley area but we have different locations across LA County. We will also deliver your products right to your door. 

For inquiries, visit our website or call us at (818) 210-0095.