A Tourist’s First Time Guide to Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

Van Nuys weed dispensaries offer different experiences to tourists who are visiting for the first time. But regardless of what shop you visit, you can generally expect the same thing from everyone. 

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a tourist looking to see the buzz of the SoCal legal weed scene firsthand. So to help you fit right in, we’ve come up with this beginner’s guide for you to check out. We’ve done it by answering some of the frequently asked questions. 

What Do I Need to Bring?

Since we’re living in an age of recreational cannabis, there are fewer hurdles when purchasing products. In this case, one important thing you need to have with you is a valid ID that certifies you are of legal age. Just like when buying alcohol, the minimum age requirement is 21. 

You also need to have some cash with you. While a few select dispensaries allow for credit card payments, most do not because of federal restrictions. And while some dispensaries have an ATM machine on-site, you’d want to be sure by having some cash in your pocket. 

How Much Weed Can I Buy? 

Dispensaries are allowed to sell up to 28 grams of buds, which equates to a full ounce. The usual price per gram is around $10 to $15. 

If you’re in town for longer and are looking to stock up, this could be a good bargain. Otherwise, you can stick to purchasing by the gram, or in pre-rolls if you want that added convenience. 

Do I Need to Know What I Want Before Buying?

Short answer, no. While it does help to have some knowledge of what you want to buy, it’s not completely wrong if you don’t. There are educated budtenders in each shop who can answer every question you may have. They can even make recommendations, depending on what you’re looking for.

Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

What to Expect When You Visit Van Nuys Dispensaries

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