Proper Etiquette When Smoking Recreational Weed in Los Angeles

Recreational Weed Los Angeles

Since recreational weed in Los Angeles grew in popularity, a lot of people began to take part in the lifestyle. But of course, a lot of these first-timers aren’t aware of the proper smoking etiquette just yet. It may be understandable, but entering a circle of veteran smokers as a newbie may leave a lasting bad impression if you violate these unwritten codes of conduct. 

Don’t be that person and do yourself a favor by reading this short article first. 

Don’t Be a Freeloader

So you’re about to join your first smoking session and you ask yourself “Should I bring anything?” Short answer, yes. Anything that would be a sensible enough contribution would be very much appreciated. 

You can either bring some delectable munchies for when they hit, some CBD to balance out the high and avoid a potential bad trip, or you can bring more weed. It won’t be criminally wrong to go in there empty-handed, but if you want to fit in much easier, consider bringing some goodies of your own. 

Never Disrupt the Smoking Circle

There are two main ways to disrupt a smoking circle, the first one being passing a saliva-soaked joint. While sharing oral fluids is inevitable when passing joints, no one would ever appreciate sipping on someone else’s saliva. 

The next one would be hogging the joint. It is called “puff, puff, pass” for a reason. You take two hits, then you pass it along to the next person. A joint hog would automatically be given the evil eye, and that will never feel good.  

Peer Pressure Is Never Welcome

There will come a point during your smoking session when the person next to you will say no to this round. Don’t respond by pressuring them to take another hit. They turned it down for a good reason, whether it’s to pace themselves or because they’ve reached their limits. 

Never try to force anyone to take another puff if they’ve begged off it. You will only come off as the inconsiderate, pushy person who likely won’t be invited to the next session.

Recreational Weed Los Angeles

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