The Best Dispensary in LA Gives Tips on How Safely Share Joints

Best Dispensary in LA

We won’t lay claim to being the best dispensary in LA, but we always make it a point to offer something valuable to our customers. For today, we’ll address all you germaphobes out there who have apprehensions about sharing joints. 

It is, indeed, a valid concern, especially during these times. And if you’re appalled by the idea of swapping mouth fluids with the next person, the mere idea may give you chills. 

But sharing joints can definitely be done safely, and that’s what we’ll discuss in this short article. 

The Risks

We don’t mean to alarm you, but we also want to be transparent. There’s no denying that the inevitable saliva sharing when passing around joints has its risks. 

Specifically, you’re dealing with the potential contraction of diseases that are as “mild” and “common” as the cold and flu viruses to something as serious as herpes. 

But again, all of these can be avoided. 

Keep Your Smoking Circle Small

If you’re that apprehensive about passing joints around but still want to have fun, keep your smoking circle small. Limit it to people you know fully well, and whom you know aren’t carrying any diseases. 

The furthest person from your circle could be someone who’s been vouched for, but the apprehensions about this arrangement are also understandable. 

The “Cupping” Method

If you haven’t heard about this method, here’s how it works: first, take the non-burning end of a joint and place it between your ring and pinky. Next, roll this said hand to form a circle. Third, form your other hand into the shape of a cup and use it as the base of your rounded hand. 

The hole you made with your hand will serve as a chamber for you to puff on. As you will notice, there isn’t direct contact with the joint, which minimizes the spread of germs. 

Roll Smaller Joints For Individual Consumption

If you’re willing to make the effort, you can roll small individual joints for your tight-knit circle of smoking friends. Everyone still gets to share the high together, but just like the previous method, there is no sharing of saliva.

Best Dispensary in LA

Why We Are Deemed As the Best Dispensary in LA

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