Are Concentrates Right for Beginners at the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles?

Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

There’s a wide variety of cannabis products to choose from, including strains, edibles, concentrates, and more. Cannabis concentrates have a reputation for being incredibly potent, flavorful, and smooth. But are these products suitable for new smokers? Here’s everything you need to know from the best dispensary in Los Angeles, Roots LA. 

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

The phrases “concentrate” and “extracts” are catch-all terms that refer to cannabis products developed using solvents, temperature, or pressure. Some examples include shattering rosin, hash, and distillate.

As the name suggests, these products are more concentrated than traditional options. Because they’re more concentrated, these products have higher THC contents alongside increased cannabinoid and terpene profiles. 

Are Concentrates More Potent Than Traditional Products?

One of the reasons concentrates can be intimidating for newcomers is that they’re significantly more potent than traditional cannabis options. Concentrates typically contain 50-90% THC, while traditional flowers have around 15-30% on average.

Imagine the difference between beer and liquor. Concentrates are like a shot of hard liquor, offering more potent effects. Traditional marijuana is more like beer or wine, as it’s less powerful and hard-hitting. 

How Can Newcomers Enjoy Cannabis Concentrates?

Although cannabis concentrates are significantly more potent than traditional methods, they can still be enjoyed by newcomers. However, there are several factors to remember before you take the plunge into the deep end. 

Try Cannabis Cartridges First

One way you can dip your toes into cannabis concentrates is to try cartridges and vape pens. You can find cartridges with a variety of concentrates like live resin and distillate. These products can be excellent for beginners, as they’re potent, flavorful, and low-key.

Cannabis cartridges typically aren’t as strong as other extracts and can be easy to use without getting too high. Be sure to ask one of our expert budtenders for their recommendation the next time you visit Roots LA in person.

Start Slow and Pace Yourself 

Another way you can enjoy cannabis concentrates as a beginner is to simply start slow and pace yourself. Like edibles, it’s best to consume less than you think you need at first to get a feel for how the product affects you. From there, you can build your tolerance and preferences over time. 

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Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

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