Best Dispensary in LA for You and Your Pet

best dispensary in LA

Have you typed “best dispensary in LA” into your browser but aren’t all that pleased with what you find? The truth is that what’s a “best dispensary” for one person may not be for another, as different folks have different expectations of a dispensary. Here at Roots LA, we aim to offer the best selection, for the best prices, safely and conveniently. Part of having the “best selection” is to offer experiences that can benefit folks in many ways. To that end, we have a large number of products, including those can that can benefit your pet, too. 


CBD Oil for Your Dog 


If you follow our Instagram feed, you may have noticed that we recently posted a picture of CBD oil for dogs. This isn’t a joke or anything like that – CBD can be just as beneficial for your pooch as it is for you. Some of the health benefits include anti-inflammatory properties, to help with aching joints, arthritis, and similar concerns. It can also help to quell anxiety or stimulate the dog’s appetite. If all of that sounds familiar, it should be, as CBD oil can provide dogs with similar benefits to the ones people experience. 


What to Be On the Lookout For 


You don’t have to take our word for it that CBD can help your dog. You could, instead, listen to the American Kennel Club (a highly-respected organization that’s been around for more than a hundred years). In that article, you’ll note that they have a section on “possible side effects of CBD in dogs.” Everything they say can apply to people and our experience, too. For example, CBD can make you drowsy, it can make your mouth dry, and even make you a bit light-headed. As ever, the key is to “make sure you are following the proper dosage.” Should you have any questions about that, our staff is more than happy to answer them. 

best dispensary in la

CBD for People, Too 


We offer great CBD oils for animals, but remember: we have many more great ones for people, too. We’re “Roots LA,” not “PetSmart.” Just like with your dog, you want to find something that has the right amount of CBD for you. To that end, when you search for CBD products on our page, you can change the CBD strength from “none” (which means “no CBD”) to “high,” in addition to doing the same for THC strength. That way, you can always find the right product to fit you. 


A “Best Dispensary in LA” for Someone Like You 


During a pandemic, we know that so many are only venturing out for the products they absolutely need, so as to be as safe as possible. It’s natural to think: “well, does CBD oil for my dog meet that standard?” Those are just some of the reasons that we’ve made our shopping experience as safe as possible for our customers. You can arrange to pick up your products curbside, so you don’t even need to come into our store. All of our products are at our site, and for more info: (818) 210-0095