Edibles in Los Angeles for Your Taste Buds and the Rest of Your Body

edibles in Los Angeles

Have you been looking for the widest selection of edibles in Los Angeles? Does it feel like you tried all of the edibles at the dispensary you usually go to? Edibles can be great for folks from all walks of life. For folks with asthma or other respiratory issues, they’re able to experience the benefits of marijuana in a safe way. Here at Roots LA, we have many different kinds of edibles to choose from, so that you can find something that fits your life perfectly. 

edibles in Los Angeles

Tart Edibles 

“Lemon drops.” To even read those words together can make your mouth pucker, as if the tartness just appeared on your lips. At our site, we have “Lemon Drops” edibles from Flav. Like the lemon drops you might have had previously in your life (the ones without THC in them) you’ll get that blast of tartness followed by a lasting sweetness. Of course, what sets these apart is that you’ll get all of the benefits of THC in every piece, too. 

A Lozenge for an Easier Day 

“Microdosing” can have any number of benefits. For many of us, we have nominal aches and pains that, while they may not keep us from getting done all of the tasks we have to get done in a day, they certainly don’t make things any easier. That’s why so many have turned to microdosing with lozenges. As there’s only a bit of THC in each of them, you can use them to power through your day, all while feeling pain-free. The appropriately named “Dollar Dose” has low-cost lozenges that can make the work day (or even just a day spent lounging around) that much better. 

The Chocolate Chip Cookie to End All Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Chocolate chip cookies and marijuana go together like, well, chocolate chip cookies and milk. Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Original Pot Company go with practically anything. These make the perfect treat after a hard day, an easy day, or just any time. There are many “pot cookies” that forget about the “cookie” part, tasting more like a “pot hockey puck.” That’s not the case here – these would be delicious cookies even if there were no THC in them whatsoever. Of course, there’s plenty of THC in them, making these the absolute apex chocolate chip cookie. 

Edibles in Los Angeles for Your Life 

These are just a small taste (pun very much intended) of the edibles available at Roots LA. Cookies, candy, and lozenges — there are so many other kinds of edibles available. We have them to fit every kind of diet, lifestyle, and everything else. You can see all that we have at our store. Or, alternatively, you can see everything we have at our site, too. Then, if you’d like, you can order ahead of time, so that you’re in and out. As we’re always bringing in new edibles, we’re sure to have something that fits your taste. For more: (818) 210-0095.