Best Dispensary in Los Angeles for Concentrates at the Right Price

best dispensary in los angeles

Do you want a more potent form of cannabis? Are you looking for a more health-conscious way to consume cannabis? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, concentrates may be the answer. They’re more potent than flower and they can be better for your lungs. As this great Leafly article says: “When you smoke flower, you’re also smoking the plant material that leaves your glass black with tar. That can take a toll on your lungs.” No similar problems with concentrates. Due to some recent changes, we very well might be the best dispensary in Los Angeles for concentrates.  


What We’ve Done to Offer the Best Concentrates

If you’ve checked out concentrates before, then you know that they can be consumed in many different ways. That means you can dab it, ingest the oils, and so much else. However, to be able to do any of that, you have to buy concentrates from a place that takes care of them. To that end, here at Roots LA, we’ve added a double-door fridge and plenty of other accouterments. The best concentrates still can’t handle temperatures that are really hot (i.e., the kind you’ll find in Southern California). So, we can keep them at the perfect level of temperature and moisture – for the best, most potent concentrate experience. 


Concentrates at Any Price

We believe in offering cannabis products for all price points and budgets. That way, folks can have a mellow time without feeling like they’re smoking their entire bank account. As of this writing, we’ve gotten in some new concentrate products that are under $25. For example, one gram of Loyal Wedding Cake Crumble can make you feel relaxed, happy, and uplifted for just $20. On that same path, one gram of Kings Garden GMO Live Shatter can do the same. The phrase “Concentrates” includes many different kinds of products – Cresco Tangerine Kush Live Sauce packs a powerful citrus/orange flavor while helping you to feel relaxed as you drift off to sleep. 


High-End Concentrates

All of the above having been said, we know that there are also those who want a higher caliber of concentrate. That’s where products like one gram of WonderBrett Lemon OZ Kush Live Badder come into play. A sativa-dominant hybrid of Clementine and OZ Kush, the lemons and sweet cream taste and aroma will be reminiscent of the best lemon pie. Top-shelf concentrates like Papa Select’s Wedding Crasher Premium Live Rosin and Alien Labs x Kayla Galactic Gas Live Rosin more than live up to their names. 

best dispensary in los angeles

Best Dispensary in Los Angeles and the Surrounding Area

Concentrates offer more options and potency than you might find in other cannabis products. That said, these aren’t edibles, they have to be consumed in entirely different ways. Our entire budtender team will be more than happy to lay out your options, to help you to find the best way for you to get more out of cannabis. For more head to our site or call (818) 210-0095.