Best New Ways to Feel Happy Courtesy of Our Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

van nuys weed dispensaries

After a long, rough day, are you just looking to feel happy? With everything that we’ve all got going on, do you just want to kick back and feel good? Everyone has their own reasons for using cannabis products. But, whether it’s for medical reasons or recreation, one of the most common reasons that so many of us use cannabis is because it makes us feel happy. Here at our Van Nuys weed dispensaries, we have many different products that can make you feel happy in different ways. 


Concentrates to Feel Happy

Concentrates can be consumed in many different ways, giving you options. (of course, you can find everything you need to consume concentrates in those many different ways here at Roots LA as well). One of our most recent concentrates to make you feel happy includes the “Medusa” strain. With this, you won’t be turned to stone, exactly, but you will feel happy and relaxed enough that you may not want to get off the couch. 


Pre-Roll – Quick and Convenient

Sometimes, a major part of being “happy” is convenience. That’s exactly what our pre-rolls can combine. You light up, you smoke it, and… well, that’s all you have to do. A recent pre-roll we’ve gotten in is CLSICS Biscotti x Earth Shake OG .7g Rosin-Infused. The sweet and buttery aroma, providing a taste vaguely reminiscent of coffee, will make you feel happy, and (as many of the other products on this list also will) euphoric. 


Flower – Traditional and Reliable

Many who are looking to feel “happy” don’t mind euphoria, exactly, but they do want to kick back and eventually go to sleep soon for the day ahead. We’ve got plenty of great flower products that can do exactly that. One of our newest is Wonderbrett Pineapple OZ Kush 3.5g Smalls. An Indica-dominant hybrid of Zkittlez and OG Kush, this strain smells and tastes of citrus and sweet cream with just a bit of pine. You’ll feel happy, then you’ll relax, and head off to dreamland. 


Disposable Live Resin Pens

When you get a disposable Live Resin pen from Roots LA, you’re getting something that is 100% made from fresh frozen material. That means you’ll only get the good stuff. Nothing added after the fact, nothing potentially harmful in the slightest. Instead, you’ll just get, (should you choose the “100% Live Resen Disposable – Gushers” option) euphoria in your head and relaxation in your body. That’s the perfect way to bounce back from a long day. 

van nuys weed dispensaries

Pens and More From Our Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

The above are just some of the kinds of cannabis products we offer that can make you feel happy. That said, we also understand that there are plenty of folks who aren’t just looking for cannabis products that can make them feel “happy” necessarily. Here, you can also find new ways to feel relaxed, uplifted, energetic, hungry, romantic, and so much more. To see all that we offer, check out our site or call (818) 210-0095.