Beyond Brownies: Exploring the Variety of Edibles in Los Angeles

edibles in los angeles

The traditional classic brownie typically comes to mind when you think about cannabis edibles. However, cannabis-infused treats have come a long way since the days of simple baked desserts. There are a wide variety of unique and tasty edibles in Los Angeles. Here are a few to keep in mind. 


Beverages are one of the fastest-growing types of cannabis-infused edibles. There are several types on the market, including sparkling water, lemonade, tea, and more. One famous brand is Cann, providing THC and CBD drinks in unique flavors like Blood Orange Cardamom and Lemon Lavender. 


Who doesn’t love a decadent chocolate bar? Cannabis-infused chocolate bars come in various flavors and potencies. Kiva is a familiar brand in Los Angeles dispensaries, providing flavors like Espresso and Tangerine. 

The brand Defonce creates artisanal chocolate bars in classic recipes like Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt. Either way, you’re sure to find a decadent treat you enjoy. 


THC-infused gummies are one of the most popular types of edibles in the market. They are easy to dose, portable, and come in delicious flavors. They aren’t as demanding as a full brownie or dessert, making them great for a quick pick-me-up.

There are countless brands available, but a few to keep in mind include Kiva, Froot, and WYLD.


Are you seeking a discreet and practical way to enjoy cannabis? Look no further than infused mints. Brands like Mr. Moxey’s and Breez offer THC and CBD-infused mints in flavors like peppermint and ginger. They’re perfect for when you’re out and about and an exceptional alternative to smoking or vaping. 

Savory Snacks

Did you know there are THC and CBD-infused savory options? Although many people associate edibles with sugary desserts, brands like Lord Jones and Kushy Punch offer beef jerky. Other brands like Pantry and Mellows create delicious cannabis-infused popcorn. 

These snacks are excellent options for those who prefer salty over sweet or if you’re looking for variety in your edible game. 


Tinctures may not come to mind when you think of edibles, but they are a popular method for consuming marijuana orally. The liquid extracts are usually applied under the tongue, creating a fast-acting and discreet tool to medicate.

Popular brands like Papa & Barkley and Care By Design offer a range of tinctures in different strengths and flavors. Many tinctures can last you a month or more, depending on your tolerance and usage. 

edibles in los angeles

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