Beyond Brownies: Exploring the Variety of Edibles in Los Angeles

Roots LA 03/27/23
edibles in los angeles

The traditional classic brownie typically comes to mind when you think about cannabis edibles. However, cannabis-infused treats have come a long way since the days of simple baked desserts. There are a wide variety of unique and tasty edibles in Los Angeles. Here are a few to keep in mind.  Beverages Beverages are one of…

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Edibles in Los Angeles: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Cannabis Treats

Roots LA 03/21/23
edibles los angeles

If you’re seeking a discreet, delicious, and potent way to consume cannabis, look no further than edibles. Edibles are cannabis-infused treats available in several flavors and strengths. And Los Angeles has no shortage of fantastic options and brands.  But where do you start? Don’t panic. This guide will prepare you to find the best edibles…

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Edibles Los Angeles: THC or CBD?

Roots LA 12/07/22
Edibles Los Angeles

Edibles in Los Angeles are popular products as they’re potent, tasty, and low-key. Cannabis edibles come in a wide variety of options, including THC, CBD, and both. It’s best to determine which products suit your situation before purchasing. Luckily, we cover everything you need to know in the article below.  The Basics of THC Edibles…

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Sativa Edibles in Los Angeles

Roots LA 06/17/22
Edibles in Los Angeles

Edibles in Los Angeles aren’t hard to find. You’ll see a wide array of brands, products, and potencies at nearly every dispensary in California. But how can you be sure you’re selecting an edible that meets your standards and needs? Here’s the inside scoop from Roots LA. Sativa vs. Indica: Which Is Right for Me?…

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