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The cannabis industry grows every year with new technologies, products, and ways to get high. One method that has gained tremendous amounts of popularity is vaping. It’s safe to say that we’re all looking for new ways to smoke. We carry a wide variety of cartridges at our Los Angeles dispensary. Here are some of the products we carry at Roots LA.

What Are Cartridges?

Vapes and cartridges are portable and low-key methods for consuming cannabis extracts. Typically, these products work in tandem with vape pen batteries. The battery powers an atomizer in the cartridge, heating the oil and activating the components. Once you inhale, you’ll receive the effects of the cannabis extract and get high.

Benefits of Cartridges

As you’ve probably guessed, cartridges are extremely flavorful and potent. However, this method of consuming cannabis has some unique advantages. Here’s what you need to know.

 Los Angeles Dispensary

Ease of Access

Cartridges and vapes allow accessibility and simplicity to cannabis extracts. Other methods of consuming extracts, such as dabbing, tend to be more involved. With dabs, you need a rig, a nail, tools, and a heat source to get high. Cartridges require little effort, meaning all you have to do is press a button and inhale.

Easy to Transport

Cartridges and oil vapes are among the best methods to get high if you’re on the go. You can find sleek designs that allow portability. Cartridges are also more discreet and get rid of noticeable odors than other smoking methods.

Easy to Dose

Concentrates and extracts can be incredibly potent. This can be a bit concerning for new smokers and rookies. However, vape pens allow a more controlled smoking experience. You can control how much you inhale, allowing you to dose safely and comfortably.

Products to Try

There are a wide variety of cartridges, extracts, and vape pens to choose from. Here are some of our favorites to get you started.

Raw Garden

Raw Garden is in a league of its own. They offer extracts without any fillers, additives, or flavors. When you purchase a Raw Garden product, you can rest assured that you’re getting a strain in its purest form. 

You can choose from various cartridges, such as Double Sunrise, for a convenient way to smoke up. Double Sunrise is a hybrid-dominant strain crossed between Valley Sunrise and Double Dream. You’ll receive a smooth smoking experience filled with flavor and potency.


STIIIZY has become a household name in the cannabis industry. Founded in 2017, STIIIZY is one of the fastest-growing brands on the market. You can find high-quality pods, carts, and extracts. We love their disposable cartridges when you’re on the go or in a pinch. 

Comes Visit Our Los Angeles Dispensary!

At Roots LA, we have a wide variety of brands, strains, and products for you to choose from. You’ll find incredible edibles with options like Raw Garden, STIIIZY, and more. If you get stuck with all the choices or need a gentle push in the right direction, our budtenders are here to help.

Our knowledgeable staff of budtenders is here to guide you through the process and ensure you find the best product for your needs and tastes. So what’re you waiting for? Come visit us in person at 11045 Sherman Way Sun Valley, CA 91352 or call us at (818) 210-0095!