Try Live Resin at Our Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

There are so many varieties of cannabis products. We have classic marijuana, edibles, and of course, concentrates. Concentrates and extracts are highly potent cannabis products meant for veteran smokers. That’s why you need to try live resin at our cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. Here are some products we offer at Roots LA.

What is Live Resin?

There are multiple types of cannabis concentrates and extracts. One of the latest developments in the industry is live resin products. Live resin is a form of concentrate made by freezing freshly harvested cannabis to subcritical temperatures.

The process of making live resin skips the drying and curing phases most products go through. The drying and curing phase can significantly affect strains, impacting the terpenes, trichomes, flavors, and aromas. 

Since the plant is frozen immediately after harvest, the trichomes are preserved. This process allows the strain to retain its terpene profile, original flavor, and aroma throughout the extraction process. This means live resin products are some of the purest tasting extracts on the market.

Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

The Benefits

Cannabis veterans crave live resin because it retains more of the original flavor and terpene profile than other extracts. Live resin products are typically more potent because the trichomes are preserved throughout the extraction process.

Cannabis cultivators and growers enjoy producing live resin as well. The extraction process doesn’t have a lengthy process, as you don’t need to dry, cure, or trim the plants. This saves cultivators a lot of time, allowing them to ship high-quality products at faster speeds.

Live Resin Products 

Live resin is exceptionally potent and has come a long way since its inception. These extracts used to be incredibly rare and cost a premium. Nowadays, you can find live resin extracts at affordable rates. Here are some of the products we carry at Roots LA.

Buddies Brand

Buddies Brand is a west-coast cannabis company through and through. Part of the brand’s vision is to provide transparency and promote a healthy lifestyle for its consumers. With years of cultivation experience under their belts, you can ensure you’re purchasing high-quality products.

We recommend picking up a gram of their Sour Jack Live Resin for a cerebral kick. Sour Jack is a cross between two crowd favorites, Sour Diesel and Jack Herer. The strain has an intense aroma with a sweet and tropical flavor. Customers have reported feeling uplifted, energized, and creative after dabbing Sour Jack.

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