Dispensaries In Los Angeles, California With Quality Products

Dispensaries In Los Angeles California

More and more dispensaries are opening up every year. This is excellent news for the cannabis industry and its customers. However, one thing remains true: We’re all searching for high-quality marijuana products. Our dispensaries in Los Angeles, California, have the very best product we can offer!

High-Quality Products

At Roots LA, we believe in providing our customers with the best products possible. That’s why we carry over 1,500 unique cannabis products! Whether you’re looking for concentrates, edibles, or new strains, we’re sure we have what you’re looking for.

Over 300 Unique Strains

Although concentrates are hot in the market right now, we still love classic bud. We carry over 300 unique marijuana strains at Roots LA! Whether you’re looking for an indicia, Sativa, or a hybrid, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Come pick up an eighth of Granddaddy Purple for a calming Indica! This strain has a classic skunk smell with hints of berries. This strain is perfect right before bed or after a long day of work! The high will have you couch-locked and your mind wondering. Or, if you want a more cerebral high, try Pineapple OG Smalls! This strain is a sophisticated Sativa with notes of sweet pineapple, diesel, and berries. This strain is perfect for the mid-day or right before some productive work! Pineapple OG Smalls will have your creative juices flowing while your body feels a calming buzz.

Dispensaries In Los Angeles California

Top-Shelf Concentrates

Concentrates are all the rage right now. This form of cannabis is incredibly potent, flavorful, and aromatic! At Roots LA, we only carry the very best concentrates. Come try a gram of top-shelf concentrate, like Malibu Marsha LIVE ROSIN! This strain has a variety of daytime and night-time uses. Try taking a dab during the mid-day to get your creative juices flowing. Or, take a hit a little before bedtime for a sedative-like feeling. Whatever your needs, Roots LA has you covered!

Come Visit Our Dispensaries In Los Angeles, California!

We only carry high-quality products at Roots LA. We believe in sourcing our cannabis from trustworthy and respectable sources. And with over 1,500 products, we guarantee you’ll find something you love! So, what are you waiting for? Come pick up your next eighth at Roots LA! Our knowledgeable staff of budtenders is here to help you make a perfect choice. Whether topicals, edibles, or strains, our team will ensure you purchase the best product for your needs and budget. For more information, call us at (818) 210-0095 or come visit us at 11045 Sherman Way Sun Valley, CA 91352.