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Edibles make for an excellent way to consume cannabis. You can get an accurate marijuana dosage with edibles, making them the perfect product for medical patients. Here’s everything you need to know about edibles in our Los Angeles dispensary!

The Benefit Of Edible

Edibles come with a distinct set of advantages compared to other methods of marijuana consumption. Edibles allow you to get a precise and accurate marijuana dosage, making them the perfect product for medicinal patients.

On top of that, edibles don’t require smoking to feel the effects. Some individuals have difficulties smoking or can’t smoke entirely. These individuals should consider edibles as their number one method of cannabis consumption.

Another benefit of edibles is how low-key they are. Edibles are easy to transport, convenient, and don’t smell. This makes edibles the perfect product for anyone trying to keep a low-key vibe.

Finally, edibles can be incredibly potent! Edibles can knock even the most veteran stoners on their rear-ends, making them an efficient way to consume cannabis.

Los Angeles Dispensary

New Edibles at Roots LA

We carry over 300 edible cannabis products at Roots LA. We source all of our edibles from trustworthy and respected brands, ensuring our customers get the best product possible.

Care By Design is a notable edible brand. Founded in 2014, Care By Design has been a prominent figure in the cannabis industry. Try their Mango Raspberry Relax Gummies for the perfect treat after work. Or, pop one of their Focus Gummies right before work for a creative edge!

Another one of our favorite brands is Papa & Barkley. Papa & Barkley is a family brand that has used cannabis products to make a change in their lives and thousands of others. We recommend any one of their Releaf Tinctures for long-lasting relief. Their products are high-quality and will have you at ease after just one dosage!

Those are just a few of the brands we wanted to bring your attention towards. These brands have been doing great work in the cannabis industry for quite some time. With over 300 edible products, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect edible that matches your needs and budget!

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We only carry high-quality edibles at Roots LA. We believe in sourcing our cannabis from trustworthy and respectable sources. And with over 1,500 products and 300 edibles, we guarantee you’ll find something you love! So, what are you waiting for? Come pick up your next edible at Roots LA! Our knowledgeable staff of budtenders is here to help you make a perfect choice. Whether topicals, edibles, or strains, our team will ensure you purchase the best product for your needs and budget. For more information, call us at (818) 210-0095 or come visit us at 11045 Sherman Way Sun Valley, CA 91352.