Guide to Weed Delivery in Los Angeles

weed delivery in Los Angeles

Legalizing weed in many states means easier access to the product, whether you use it recreationally or for medical purposes. As the industry has grown, thrived and evolved, there is now the possibility for weed delivery in Los Angeles. This was useful during the pandemic when stores were closed and people couldn’t get out to buy their marijuana. However, it proved so lucrative that many dispensaries are continuing with the practice. That means that much like you order your dinner or your groceries, you can also have your weed delivered right to you. Sounds pretty great, right? Here’s your guide to weed delivery in the Los Angeles area. 

Is Weed Delivery in Los Angeles Legal?

This is a good question and ensures that you aren’t taking part in any activities that are illegal. In Los Angeles, weed delivery is legal, provided you are over 21 and have current and valid identification when the product is dropped off. There are regulations regarding delivery areas and hours of operation, so be aware of those when you place your order. Delivery does not include industrial sales but is legal for delivery to an exclusive address. You must be present to accept the order, as it will likely not be dropped off for you to collect later.

Recreational or Medical?

The main difference between recreational weed users and medical weed users is that the latter pays fewer taxes and can buy in larger quantities. Medical marijuana cards can be difficult to get and with the legalization of weed in California, you don’t actually need one. However, if you want to have medical marijuana delivered, the rules are the same as if you visit the dispensary. You will need your medical marijuana card and a doctor’s certification. You may have to present this information when you order online, as well as when your weed is delivered.

How Does Delivery Work?

Weed delivery works much like any other delivery you’ve taken advantage of, including pizza or groceries. You simply place your order online and it’s fulfilled by a staff member here at the dispensary. Then one of our friendly delivery people brings the product right to your door. Choose from loose weed, edibles, tinctures, infusions or any other product we offer. Remember that delivery happens at the curb at an established address only. You will need to have your identification available when the order is delivered. 

weed delivery in Los Angeles

Tips for Making an Order

Now that you know you can have your weed delivered to your door, it’s time to make an order. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to do and won’t take you much time. It’s a good idea to have in mind what you want so that you don’t get lost looking through the options. It also helps to place your order before you run out of your current product, which keeps you from being dry while you wait for your delivery. 

Ready to take advantage of weed delivery in Los Angeles? Contact Roots LA today and we can help you place your order and get it delivered to you in no time at all.