7 Tips on Choosing a Los Angeles Dispensary for New Users

Los Angeles Dispensary

You’ve finally decided you want to visit a Los Angeles dispensary and try out what they have to offer. From loose marijuana to edibles to tinctures to infusions, there’s definitely something for everyone. However, not all dispensaries are going to be the place you want to visit. It’s important to choose one that is reputable and offers what you want and need. If you’re new to choosing a dispensary, this article is for you. Read on to find out the best tips for choosing where you buy your weed. 

Check Reviews

Online reviews are some of the best ways to do research about the quality and reputation of a dispensary. You can determine the level of customer service as well as how good the products are or are not. The overall rating is also a good clue. 

Look at the Website

If you find a well-designed and easy to navigate site, chances are the dispensary will be equally as easy to use. Look for information about products, specials and overall vibe to help you make your decision. 

Compare Prices at the Los Angeles Dispensary With Other Local Establishments 


Cost is important when you make a cannabis purchase so compare the prices at several dispensaries. While you don’t want to just go for the cheapest, you can balance the price with the other factors on this list. 

Find Knowledgeable Staff

Feel free to ask the staff at any dispensary for advice and suggestions. Good staff will know their stuff, both about the product and the safety and usage guidelines for whatever you choose. 

Feel the Atmosphere

Atmosphere plays a big role in how you feel when you visit a dispensary. If you feel welcome and comfortable, you have probably found a good place. On the other hand, a place that feels sterile and clinical might not be so much fun to visit. Other things to keep in mind include the intimacy and privacy that you want when you shop for cannabis. 

Check the Variety

There are loads of options when it comes to buying cannabis products and a good dispensary will have plenty for you to choose from. That includes individual strains of marijuana, as well as the many formats it can be used – tinctures, edibles, drinks, etc. The more variety, the more likely you are to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Los Angeles Dispensary

Consider Buying Wholesale

If you want to buy in bulk, you may be able to take advantage of wholesale pricing. That lets you buy more at a lower price. Not only does this mean fewer trips to the dispensary to restock, but also gives you access to the quantities you need and want. Ask about wholesale pricing to find out more about how it can benefit you. 

Finding the right Los Angeles dispensary can make all of the difference when it comes to your weed experience. Here at Roots LA, we offer a wide selection and enjoy helping our customers find what they want and need. Contact or visit us today and we’ll hook you up with the perfect cannabis product for you.