The Different Ways To Smoke At LA Dispensaries

Roots LA 01/06/22
LA Dispensaries

The medical and recreational marijuana industry is in a constant state of change. With each year, there are new strains, concentrates, and ways to smoke. How does one stay on top of all the cannabis trends? By visiting our LA dispensaries, of course! Here are the different ways to smoke at Roots LA! Back to…

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Why Weed From Dispensaries In Los Angeles Is Better

Roots LA 07/14/21
Dispensary In Los Angeles

Do you remember the days before recreational weed was legalized? Times where we picked up sketchy dime bags filled with something that vaguely resembled bud. Nowadays, we can visit dispensaries with shelves stocked full of products. But, have you ever wondered, “Why is dispensary weed better?” What makes bud from the dispensary so much more…

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