What Happens to Your Body When You Eat LA Dispensary Edibles?

LA Dispensary Edibles

Ever wondered what happens to your body when you eat LA Dispensary edibles or ingestible weed in general? Those who consume cannabis recreationally know that it elicits a different effect compared to smoking. The high is said to be much heavier and longer-lasting. For some people, it could be an unpleasant, and even traumatic experience. 

But in terms of its exact inner workings and how it affects the body, that isn’t exactly common knowledge. And that’s what this article will discuss. 

The Science Behind the Edible High

So how does THC affect the body when ingested? Upon its entry into the body through the stomach, the THC is then broken down and absorbed by the small intestine before it enters the bloodstream.

What happens beyond this point isn’t known by many. During this time, the metabolized THC then goes through the heart and into the brain. This is where you start to feel a bit out of touch with what’s happening around you. This is when the psychotropic kick begins. 

The said process sheds some light on why it takes some time to feel an edible high. If smoking gets you feeling buzzed within 15 minutes, it may take between 45 to 60 minutes to feel anything if you ingest cannabis. 

What Happens During Overconsumption?

Once the THC goes through the brain, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. And when cannabinoids are present in the brain, their overall function is altered. At the normal recommended amount of five milligrams, a person can feel just the right kind of euphoric and creative buzz. 

But when overconsumption happens, the brain is suddenly flooded with cannabinoids. In turn, the person may feel dizzy, nauseous, and overwhelmed in the worst possible way. This is when a bad edible-induced trip happens. 

Are Edibles Safe to Consume? 

The short straight answer is yes. Edibles are safe to consume as long as you get them from a reliable source and if you follow the recommended doses. The lowest and safest for everyone is five milligrams. And once you feel comfortable, you can gradually increase doses.

LA Dispensary Edibles

Where Is a Good Source For LA Dispensary Edibles? 

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