How Dispensaries in Sun Valley California Are Helping Boost Local Economy?

Dispensaries in Sun Valley California

Since legalization took effect six years ago, dispensaries in Sun Valley, California have been making good money. The cannabis industry is, indeed, on a boom, and it’s opened up opportunities for people with a love and passion for the magic herb. 

But how is it the other way around? Is the local economy benefiting from this sudden shift? We’ll talk more about it in this short article. 

The Tourism Boom 

Thanks to legalization and the hype surrounding California cannabis products, tourism boomed in the state. Today, you’ll find cannabis-friendly hotels and even farm tours for the herb-loving tourist. And of course, many dispensaries have upped their game in terms of offering different deals and conveniences like delivery services. 

But looking at the impact of legalization as a whole, statistics show that 18 percent of all Americans have shown interest in partaking in cannabis-related activities. 

The Continuous Rise of Cannabis-Related Jobs

Thanks to the existence of dispensaries, there’s been a boost in the demand for cannabis-related jobs. According to this September report, there are more than 420,000 jobs in the marijuana industry. In California, for example, around 21,000 more of these jobs came into existence in 2021 alone. 

By 2023, new business rules in the state are expected to take effect, where delivery vehicles can now carry up to $10,000 worth of merchandise from the original $5,000. And the trend, so far, is only seemingly moving in an upward direction. 

A Future of Further Growth

As more dispensaries open, experts are projecting further growth for the industry as a whole. Given its rapid growth, for example, global sales are predicted to be around the ballpark of $149 billion by 2031. 

As for the state of California, business is expected to boom, which could also spur growth. In September, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that fortified the state’s cannabis laws. Some of them include preventing local bans on cannabis delivery, and the expansion of patients’ access to legal and regulated products. 

Given these steps, further growth is only expected, and rightly so. 

Dispensaries in Sun Valley California

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