How to Know If You’re Buying Low-Quality Cannabis Edibles in Los Angeles?

Edibles Los Angeles

Let’s face it: not all edibles in Los Angeles dispensaries are of good quality. Some are so-so products, akin to the cheap, low-budget stuff you’ll find at a corner candy shop. And if you’re that unlucky, you’ll come across edibles so bad, it’ll forever ruin the experience for those who are trying them for the first time. 

But unlike cannabis flowers where signs of subpar quality are visible, it can be tricky with edibles. But here’s how you spot them. 

Poor Packaging

Here’s a dead giveaway to spot bad edibles: if they are packaged as kiddy treats. Some people would make it appear like a harmless bag of gummy bears when what’s inside can’t be any further from the truth. 

High-quality edibles won’t fool you with their packaging. The indicators that it is infused with cannabis are as clear as day. THC percentages are written in bold letters at the front, stating how much each piece contains. 

If you don’t see any of this and instead are looking at a copycat of some Sour Patch Kids, that’s a huge red flag

Unrealistic Labeling

Most top-shelf edible cannabis products today have THC levels in the mid-20 percent per piece. At most, you’re looking at a ceiling of 25%. If you see a product that says it contains 30% THC per piece, it is likely dodgy and should be avoided. 

Unreliable Source

Even with legal cannabis and dispensaries all around, you will still encounter black market sellers. They likely got this stuff for free and are selling it at a ridiculously marked-up price. And most likely, they check these two previous boxes. 

Don’t shortchange yourself by going with a cheaper product that would only do more harm than good. Do yourself a favor and visit a trusted dispensary, where you’re guaranteed to have grade-A products that will give you your money’s worth.

Edibles Los Angeles

A Credible Dispensary That Sells High-Quality Edibles in Los Angeles

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