How to Find a Reliable Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

Cannabis dispensary Los Angeles

California’s legalization of recreational marijuana in 2018 meant a potential sales boost for cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles. But that also drew the curtain on the hundreds of unlicensed businesses operating in the area. Not only is this unfair for those who play by the rules, but with the lack of regulation comes plausible risky products that are either falsely advertised and/or unjustly priced. Subsequently, it causes a depletion of trust on the part of the consumer, which puts a strain on the business altogether. And here’s where it becomes problematic. As emergency medicine physician Dr. Sherry Yafai said in a 2019 interview, out of the thousands of dispensaries in the Los Angeles area, only “two hundred to three hundred” were legally permitted to operate at the time. So how do you know if you’ve found a reliable cannabis dispensary? Here are some key factors to look at.

Knowledgeable Budtenders

Try doing a Google search on the “list of cannabis strains.” You’ll be led to a few pages that all contain a long list of funky name combinations that can make your head spin. Even if you had an entire day, you won’t be able to remember specific details about everyone.

But a budtender from a reputable dispensary would. Ask any question about a particular strain and he or she should be able to give you a background on it.

Is it an indica or a Sativa? Are you better off consuming it during the day, or should you wait until you’re ready to pass out for bedtime? How exactly does it hit you?

These are valid questions you should be getting an informative response to, and a smart budtender from a legit dispensary can provide you that.

Cannabis dispensary Los Angeles

Tight Safety Measures

Even with legalization, the cannabis business is still largely considered to be part of the offbeat industries list. Most dispensaries still operate on a cash basis, which puts them at a higher risk for potential theft.

So the first thing you should see at a trustworthy dispensary is the heightened security measures. Entry points shouldn’t be easily broken into. Surveillance cameras should be present in specific corners of the shop. If necessary, armed guards should be on site.

Then there’s the issue of health and safety. Buds should be handled either with a pair of gloves or tongs, never with bare hands. And all products, especially flowers and edibles, should be placed in a clean environment.

Ideally, a verified dispensary could also provide products that are also lab-tested for possible contaminants. It’s not yet a common practice across the board, but if you find one that does, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Wide Range of Products

Thanks to legalization, competition within the cannabis industry have dramatically steepened. And to be able to keep up, dispensaries would need to have a deeper array of product offerings.

A reliable dispensary should be able to cater to a consumer’s needs, whether it’s topical CBD for back pain or an ounce of some top-shelf Bubba OG for baking. Herb-lovers all around would appreciate a wide variety that could be in a pre-roll or edible form.

A huge bonus would be to come across some of the world’s rarest strains. In search of some the Hindu Kush or Lamb’s Breath? A dispensary that has these golden nugs is a dispensary worth calling your own.


You know you’re dealing with an authorized business if they make things easy for you. For a licensed cannabis dispensary, you should be offered options like grab-and-go services. You make your selection from their online menu, place your order in advance, then pick it up at a time that’s suitable for you.

Deliveries are another great option to have. With the popularity of apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash, a competitive player in the cannabis game would provide you with this ultimate convenient option. It would be a huge plus to have for busy homebodies who suddenly find themselves in a shortage of their beloved herb.

An LA Dispensary that Ticks All Boxes

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