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As research suggests that both CBD and THC can provide medicinal benefits to humans, it is no surprise that these cannabinoids have been found to help pets such as dogs and cats in similar ways. In controlled doses, CBD dominant tinctures can help relieve your pet of anxiety as well as ease any pain they may be experiencing. Roots Dispensary has crafted its own house brand pet tincture that has become both a customer and pet must-have. Although many pet owners are still hesitant to give their pets CBD, there is no need for concern. As researchers and veterinarians have stated, “[We] feel really comfortable at this point, given all of our clinical trials and our initial research, that it’s a safe product,” implying that they have completed numerous studies to ensure that CBD is in fact safe for your furry friend. This product helps dogs and cats continue living their best life with no pain or anxiety holding them back.

How Root’s Pet CBD Oil Can Benefit Your Pet

As we know, CBD can be very beneficial to humans. Research has found that dogs/cats have the same ‘cannabinoid receptors’ that humans have, allowing them to also benefit from CBD. Below are how your pet can benefit from CBD as well as recommendations as to when is a good time to implement CBD into your pet’s routine.

Marijuana Stores Near Me

Anxiety/Depression in Pets (such as dogs)

Many people do not realize that dogs and humans are not all that different. We experience similar pain and we can heal from pain in similar ways. Like humans, dogs can also experience pain that goes beyond physical hurting. Many dogs experience both anxiety and depression, which often go untreated as it is not always easy to detect. Pets can experience separation anxiety from their owners which leaves them distraught throughout the workday. They may also feel general anxiety from factors such as car rides, trips to the groomer, fireworks, etc. Although this may seem ‘normal’ to a pet owner, that does not necessarily mean that your pet isn’t suffering. To relieve your pet from these anxieties, owners can simply give their furry friend just a couple of drops of CBD. This also helps with depression in dogs and cats, allowing them to stay engaged with their owner when feeling sad or alone. Overall, it is important to be aware of your pet’s behavior to ensure you are not ignoring any signs of anxiety and/or depression.

Physical Injuries/Pain in Pets

Pets also suffer from health conditions that affect their mobility and overall physical health. Older dogs often experience joint and hip pain that results in arthritis or even worse conditions. Dogs can also go through traumatic illnesses such as cancer, making them susceptible to mental health issues as well. CBD can bring extreme benefits to your pet if they are suffering from any of these health conditions. CBD particularly helps “reduce inflammation by affecting activity in the body’s endocannabinoid receptors,” which can greatly assist in relieving pain. Studies have also found that CBD helps these suffering dogs continue eating a stable diet, stay active and maintain good mental health.

Final Thoughts

Overall, pet owners must be conscious of their pet’s mental and physical health. Pets should not have to silently suffer when experiencing anxiety and depression and no longer need to as a result of CBD. CBD has been proven to help pets in so many ways – both physically and mentally – and should not be looked over when seeking treatment for your pet. Visit Roots Dispensary to get your pet the CBD they need to live their best life. Contact Roots Dispensary at (818) 210-0095 to learn more today.