Los Angeles Dispensary Deals Without Compare

Los Angeles Dispensary Deals

Are you looking for the best Los Angeles dispensary deals? Do you want the best products for less money? Here at Roots LA, we’ve got plenty to offer. Here, we’re proud to offer not just the highest quality cannabis products, but to offer them at prices that fit your life. We know how expensive cannabis can be, so we do everything we can to offer several different deals. That way, you can find one that fits your exact, specific needs. 

Oh Well Turns Any Day Around 

LA As of this writing, we’re offering deals on Oh Well cannabis products. People get fired. They have to pay too much in taxes. They spill coffee, their bikes get stolen, they drop ice cream and, yes, Monday rolls around again. When the world seemingly turns against you, these products are here to help. 

Oh Well offers 12 different California-grown cannabis strains, all at an affordable price. Indeed, we offer their vapes as part of our “Two Cartridges for $40” deal. We see it as the least we can do to help folks through a tough day. 

Cruisers Take You Into the Night (or the Day) 

Speaking of the “Two Cartridges for $40” deal, we also offer two separate flavors of “Cruisers.” Specifically, we offer “Lemon Jack” Sativa and “Berry Gelato” Hybrid. 

The former has an energizing sativa, absolutely perfect for helping you to start the day with a strong pep in your step. That comes, of course, from both the full gram vape as well as the zesty and spicy lemon. 

The Berry Gelato, on the other hand, has the exact opposite effect. This relaxing indica is great for when it’s time to wind down, lay your head on the pillow, and head off to sleep. The sweet berries and cream flavor certainly helps. 

Los Angeles Dispensary Deals

Blue Magic and Beyond 

As part of our “$35 OTD Top Shelf 3.5g” deal, we offer multiple strains from MOLLYz. These include Ether, Mollyz OG, Cherry Bombay, and one of our favorites, “Blue Magic.” Blue Magic is great for many reasons, not the least of which is how it can make you feel energetic, yes, but then that tapers off, letting you down soft and easy. There’s no “crash,” exactly, rather, you just almost float down into a relaxation that lasts for a long time. Before that, of course, you’ll feel euphoric in a way that lets you keep your focus and full functionality. 

Daily Los Angeles Dispensary Deals 

Those are just some of the deals that we offer. It’s entirely possible that, by the time you check out our menu or stop by one of our dispensaries, those won’t be the exact deals that we offer that day. However, there’s always another deal that we offer, one more way that we can help you to get the cannabis you want at the right price. To see all of the deals as well as products we offer, check out our menu or stop on by and say hi.