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Los Angeles Dispensary

Are you looking for the best cannabis products at the most reasonable prices? Or, alternatively, do you want the highest quality and price is not an object? Our Los Angeles dispensary offers both as well as just about everything in between. We take great pride in offering a range of quality cannabis products for all budgets and tastes. Below is just a sampling of what we offer here (as well as some of our deals).

Quickies: A Quick Sale Indeed 

Don’t let the cute name fool you – these are an awesome deal. Quickies are some of the least expensive pre-rolls around. That said, don’t just judge them by their price – these are high quality pre-rolls. After all, we wouldn’t offer them if they were anything less than fantastic. As of this writing, you can find them here at Roots LA for just $2.89 each. Think of how cheap that is. For less than a fast food cheeseburger (depending on where you get your fast food) you can have an excellent pre-roll with a range of effects. 

$100 OTD Indoor Half Ounce Every Day! 

Every day here at Roots LA, we offer a $100 OTD indoor half ounce deal. As of this writing, that’s Flight Path | Banana Cream X Jealousy at 14g. One of our favorite parts about this deal is that it’s great for folks just starting out – Cream comes in at 14% THC, which makes the strain great for those who are just starting to find their way with cannabis. It’s a good one to start with, as this can make you feel tingly, a bit aroused, but also focused as well. If you’ve been dealing with depression, pain, and even muscle spasms, this can help. 

Purple Caviar 

Another deal we offer is our $160 OTD Ounce Special. These are daily specials, which means that they can change from one day to the next. But, they’re always some of our best products. For example, right now these include “Purple Caviar.” It comes by the name “Purple” honestly, as it’s a combination of Grape Rhino hash oil, Grape Rhino kief, and Grape God. 

Set apart from the rest by both its high THC potency as well as its Godiva dark chocolate-like smell, it too can help you to deal with that which may be depressing you on a day to day basis. 

Los Angeles Dispensary

A Los Angeles Dispensary for Everyone 

Those are just some of the more expensive products we offer as well as some of the least expensive. We don’t believe that, when it comes to low prices, you should ever have to sacrifice quality. To that end, we offer so many different products at several different price points. Indeed, you can go through our menu and find something that’s just right for you. 

Of course, during office hours, you’re more than welcome to stop by our dispensary, talk to our friendly and knowledgeable budtender staff to find your next favorite.