Find the Right THC Levels at Our Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

Are you looking for cannabis products that have the most THC possible to send you into the furthest reaches of space (or the furthest reaches of your couch?) Or, do you want something very mild, with a lot more CBD and a lot less THC? If so, you can find all of that and more at our cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. Here, we’ve got products for all tastes. We’re more than happy to help guide you towards the perfect products for your needs. 

Start the Day Right 

That’s exactly what so many have done with the “Orange Float” resin from STIIIZY. With this, you’ll get a high that is as clear-headed as it is upbeat. With 76% THC, this is a great way to start the day, so that you’re ready to tackle all of the challenges that the day could throw at you. If you start the day by feeling euphoric, even giggling a bit, you’re ready for anything. The orange citrus flavor tastes as good as that euphoria feels. 

End it on a High 

We also have plenty of high THC products that can help to send you to Slumberland on your terms as well. Case in point: our “World’s Strongest” Presidential Moon Rock Pink Cookies Pre-roll. Their THC is 46.20% and that 46.20% can get to work quickly. When it does, you’ll most likely feel a bit hazy, but in a relaxed, even euphoric way. 

What makes this so great for the day’s end is that it can help you to relieve those aches and pains that can build up through the course of a day, as well as help you with any inflammation or even insomnia. Yes, that’s right – this can help you to sleep that much easier. 

For Less THC 

If you want to relax your body while keeping your mind as sharp and alert as possible, then you may wish to go to the opposite end of the spectrum with the Wyld Strawberry 20:1 CBD:THC gummies. Made from real fruit as well as a Hybrid terpene blend, there’s (as the analogy above says) 20 mg of CBD to 1 mg of THC in each and every single gummy. Think of it like giving your body as well as your soul a trip to the day spa.

Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

A Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles to Meet Your Needs 

No matter what level of THC you’re looking for in your cannabis products, you can find it right here at our site. Indeed, if you click on our products, you’ll note that we have a spinner on the side, so that you can easily find the products that have a lot of THC as well as those that have very, very little at all. 

There’s always one deal or another going down here at Roots LA. To see everything that we have to offer, check out our menu or stop on by.