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Sun Valley Dispensary

Do you want cannabis products from the very best brands? Are you looking for the top products from the names you know? Here at Roots LA, our goal is always to bring our customers the very best of the best at our Sun Valley dispensary and all of our others. Of course, that means offering products that come from the brands that everyone knows and trusts. That said, we’re proud to sell items from lesser-known brands as well, provided they meet our quality standards. 

“Cannabis Cultivated With Compassion “

There are few cannabis companies that have more respect for the process, community, and the culture than the folks at 3C Farms. They take cultivation, production, and extraction incredibly seriously. As such, they offer the best in cannabinoids, flavor, and more. We’re proud to offer products from 3C for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that they utilize an in-house strain portfolio that really is unique, something that others just don’t have to offer. As such, 3C products are different from the rest. 

An Edible Where Flavor is Everything 

Gummies may be a lot of fun to eat and try, but making them is serious business. At Punch, they know what it takes to make the kinds of gummies that set themselves apart from the rest. They more than live up to the name, as the peak effect for many of these bars can hit you in as little as 60 to 90 minutes. Between the 100mg Punch Bar (with Toffee Milk Chocolate), the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor, or the Milk Chocolate Caramel Bits, there’s a candy flavor here to make your day (or at least the next few hours) that much better. 

“Immortalizing the Intoxicating Allure of a Fresh Cannabis Plant” 

That’s how the people at Lost Farm describe their process. They do that at harvest and then transform that plant into an amber nectar called “live resin.” By doing so, they’re able to maintain so much that’s usually lost during the phases of drying and curing. As such, this creates, in their words, a kind of “ageless expression of the plant.” That comes through in each of their products that we currently offer, such as the watermelon chews, the tangerine x ‘sherbert’ chews, the strawberry, the key lime pie grandi, and so many others. 

Sun Valley Dispensary

The Best Brands and More at Our Sun Valley Dispensary 

The above constitutes just a few of the biggest brands that we currently offer here at Roots LA. You can also find plenty from names such as Punch Edibles, Re-Leaf, STIIIZY, Wyld, Smokiez Edibles, the list goes on and on and on. Of course, as we get in new products from other brands that live up to what we believe in, we’ll make sure to offer those as well. 

To see everything that we have to offer you in your area, we encourage you to check out our website or even come to one of our dispensaries.