Pre-Rolls to Perk Up Your Day at our Dispensary in North Hollywood

Dispensary in North Hollywood

Have you been looking for a convenient way to smoke? Do you want to be able to feel euphoric or just sink into your couch without having to spend a lot of time to make it happen? Those are just some of the reasons that folks turn to pre-rolls. Here at Roots LA, we have hundreds of them. From the biggest brand names and at a wide range of prices, we offer pre-rolls for just about everybody. Below are some of the products that stand out at our dispensary in North Hollywood. 

Froot for Fun 

Froot advertises their pre-rolls as “the best tasting naturally infused pre-roll ever.” Those are bold words, but these pre-rolls are so well made they might very well back it up. Everything that Froot offers is infused with only the highest quality distillate. Between that and the all natural fruit flavor, these pre-rolls are among our most popular. 

We have several Froot flavors here at Roots LA, featuring Grape Ape, Watermelon, Orange Tangie, Pineapple Express, Blue Razz Dream, Sparkiez, and many, many more. 

“Powerful, Head-Rushing Euphoria” 

That’s the way Jeeter describes their Watermelon Zkittlez (or “Watermelon Skittles.”) When you smoke these pre-rolls, the high does not wait around to hit you. No, it can set in incredibly quickly. That’s great for when you’ve had a long day at work and just want to feel good for the rest of the evening. (However, that might make these pre-rolls a better fit for the end of the day rather than the beginning.) 

There’s more to these pre-rolls than just the head-elevating high, however. They also have a fantastic fruity aroma as well as a flavor profile that can only be described as “scrumptious.” These are a great way to reward yourself after a day well lived as well as a way to end a day that perhaps didn’t go your way earlier. 

Royalty Among Mini Blunts 

What makes King Louis XIII mini blunts regal in regards to other mini blunts? It very well could be the high THC potency. It also could be the earthy musk, as the “piney” smell recalls a great and grand forest. Many report that these pre-rolls make them feel sleepy, relaxed, and happy, so these are a perfect way to drift off into dreamland indeed. 

Our Dispensary in North Hollywood is Open 

These are just a few of the pre-rolls that we happen to offer here at Roots LA. As of this writing, at our site, there are 169 different pre-rolls available here at Roots LA. That number is subject to change as we’re always bringing in new pre-rolls, provided they’re good enough for our customers. 

Dispensary in North Hollywood

Of course, pre-rolls are just part of what we offer here at Roots LA. From edibles to topicals, cartridges to concentrates, there’s a product here to make you feel exactly how you want. To see everything that we have to offer (as well as all of our discounts) stop by our site or one of our dispensaries.