Edibles at Our Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries to Take the Edge Off

Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

Have you been looking for edibles that can just help make the stress go away? Do you just want to chill out for a while and not have to worry? We have the edibles at our Van Nuys weed dispensaries and elsewhere to provide exactly that. These are just a few of the edibles as well as top quality cannabis products that you can expect from Roots LA. 

A Sweet October Treat 

October. The month makes people think about horror and scares, yes, but also candy. Peanut butter cups are always a popular kind of candy, and Emerald Sky’s milk-chocolate peanut butter cups are everything that you love about peanut butter cups. That said, they’re also infused with a tasteless hybrid THC, too. 

The high they give is perfectly balanced, as there are 10 mg of THC in each serving. That way, you can have the right amount of candy and THC. Gluten-free and made with whole milk, these are a treat that won’t leave you regretting it the next day, either. 

“Not Your Average Gummy”

That’s the only way to describe the Smokiez Fruit Chews. As they come in Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and Sour Watermelon flavors, there’s a flavor here to satisfy your cravings. Of course, there’s more than just flavor here to do a number on your cravings: there’s 10 mg of THC in every single fruit chew. 

At Smokiez, they make fruit chews that don’t just have the best flavors and THC, they make them with the right methods, too. To that end, they’re vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and perhaps best of all, have no high fructose corn syrup whatsoever. They make you feel better and they’re a lot better for you than the average gummy candy. 

Turn on Your Creative Energy and More 

That’s how Breez describes their fast-acting sativa tablets. While these are products that are specifically designed (in their words) for “experienced consumers only,” each tablet boasts 20 mg THC. That THC comes from the energizing terpenes you can find in sativa-dominant strains as well as from full-spectrum cannabis extract. These can help you to feel more creative when you want to. 

Of course, perhaps you’d prefer some fast-acting hybrid tablets from Breez. We also offer those as well. We offer those, all at a price that can fit your budget. 

Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

Stop By Our Weed Dispensaries in Van Nuys 

These are just some of the different edibles you can find at Roots LA. Indeed, as of this writing, we offer 188 different edible products. That number may very well change by the time you stop by Roots LA as we’re always adding more. 

That said, before we offer anything, we make sure that it meets and exceeds our quality standards. If you’re new to Roots LA, we’ve got some deals that may help you to find a new favorite (or a better price on an old one). To see all that we offer, head to our site or stop on by.