What Our Weed Store in Sun Valley Offers You May Not Find Elsewhere

weed store in Sun Valley

Have you been looking for the best in cannabis products that are different from the rest? Are you tired of settling for the same old same old? At our weed store in Sun Valley, we offer more than just the products you’re used to. Here, you’ll find next generation cannabis products, made with the most advanced methods, tech, and more. This is just a small sampling of what you can find at Roots LA. 

Head to Toe Comfort 

That’s exactly what you’ll experience with Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Body Lotion. A THC-rich hydrating lotion made from a wholly original CBD formula, this is so, so much more than just a moisturizer. A combination of mango seed oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil as well as fresh-pressed THC-rich rosin, this can soothe those aches and pains all over your body. 

You should never put something in or on your body that wasn’t made in the finest manner possible. As such, this Releaf’s process is anything but chemically-intensive, which not only makes it clear, but makes it so that it can be absorbed into your body anywhere you may be experiencing pain. 

A Genuinely Sweet Treat 

1,000mg of sugar-free, gluten-free, fast-acting cannabis deliciousness. That’s exactly what you’ll find with our Rainbow Sherbert THC-infused syrup tincture. The very epitome of “extra strength,” the 1,000mg can provide plenty of THC in a hurry. We don’t believe that, when it comes to your cannabis, you should have to settle for something that’s unhealthy for your body. To that end, not only is this syrup tincture sugar and gluten free, but it’s also non-GMO and vegan-friendly. That means anyone can enjoy this very sweet treat indeed. 

Powerful Water Pipe Vaporizer 

The Exceed Dabcool W3 vaporizer sets a new standard for what a water pipe vaporizer can be. With a 450mah battery capacity as well as three levels of output voltage, this is a vaporizer that’s strong enough to get the job done. In fact, it’s built with a ceramic heating head so that it can heat more blocks as you go. 

“Super standby time” is exactly what it sounds like. With this vaporizer, you’ll be able to use it while punching, too. We’re always looking to provide better options when it comes to all of our products and this can do so through the different kinds of products it supports. 

weed store in Sun Valley

Our Weed Store in Sun Valley 

These are just some of the more unique items that you’ll find at Roots LA. We named our company “Roots LA” for many reasons, not the least of which is that we serve cities all throughout Los Angeles: from Sun Valley to Valley Glen, Pacoima to Van Nuys and so many places in between, we’ve got the products you’re looking for at a price that is right for you. 

To see everything that we offer, we encourage you to check out our site or stop by our dispensary.