Need to Stay Focused? Consider These Products at LA Dispensaries

LA Dispensaries

Many customers use cannabis to increase concentration and creativity. But LA dispensaries carry a wide selection of strains and products, making it difficult to find products that are best for productivity. Luckily, we have the inside scoop at Roots LA.

Products to Consider

There’s a lot to keep in mind when selecting cannabis products for staying focused. You’ll want to find products and strains that offer cerebral effects. Be sure to avoid sedative and relaxing Indica products if you’re trying to stay focused. Here are some product recommendations to get you started.


Check out TONIK if you’re searching for a morning, pick me up with a twist. TONIK is an award-winning edible cannabis company. Their main claim to fame is their THC-infused vitamin shots that can be mixed with beverages or enjoyed on their own.

You can purchase products like the TONIK ENERGY: WATERMELON mixer to help you stay productive. The edible is infused with 100 mg THC, 50 mg of Caffeine, and a patented energy blend that includes B12 vitamins to keep you in the game. 

The Cure Company

Purchase some strains from The Cure Company if you’re looking for a cannabis cultivator that keeps the consumer in mind. The brand is native to Los Angeles, with its headquarters located in the Downtown LA Arts District near Boyle Heights.

One of the strains you have to try is Pistachio Gelato. The strain has an earthy, tangy, and sweet taste that is extremely potent. You’ll experience notes of vanilla and diesel and receive a euphoric body high that doesn’t kill productivity. Medical patients love this strain to relieve depression, pain, and insomnia symptoms. 


It’s nearly impossible to avoid mentioning STIIIZY when discussing the cannabis industry. UTILITY is another one of those household cannabis names that stretch far and wide. STIIIZY develops each of its strains in-house and uses the best technology to create its extracts.

One of the best strains for staying focused is the Sour Diesel Cartridge. Sour Diesel is a classic cannabis strain known for its pungent diesel-like taste. The effects are fast-acting, cerebral, and euphoric. Medical patients love Sour Diesel for relieving symptoms of depression, pain, and stress.

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LA Dispensaries

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