Recent WeedMaps Featured Products at Our Sun Valley Dispensary

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“What’s good today?” That’s a question our budtenders hear, well, pretty much every day. A solid answer is “everything,” for many reasons. A big reason: it’s true. Everything we have here is a perfect fit for somebody. Maybe one thing or another isn’t right for you today, but we’ve got something that will make your day and/or night that much better. That said, there are some things that we’re particularly proud of at our Sun Valley dispensary. You can come to our storefront, you can order from our site, or you can check us out on Weedmaps. There, you’ll find a few “featured” items, which have been featured for multiple reasons.


Dripp Live Resin 1G Badder Papaya Delight

If it’s been a minute (or a few minutes) since you tried something new with weed, you may be amazed at what they can do now. For example, this product “is made from exclusively high-quality Cannabis flower frozen immediately upon harvest, never dried or cured.” What all that means is that you’re getting a high-terpene, full-spectrum extract of the absolute highest quality. You’ll experience the tropical, fruity aroma and spicy taste as the 20% THC levels help you feel relaxed, glad, and even uplifted. 


The Wonders of WonderBrett Pink Picasso 3.5g Smalls

Are you looking to feel truly euphoric? That’s what this strain can do. A balanced hybrid of Candyland and OZ Kush, Pink Picasso is something of a masterpiece. The aromas are as sweet and sugary as it gets: chocolate, cinnamon, mint, and even sweet candy. The taste, when it kicks in, is a lot like that, with some lavender and rose thrown into it, too. Speaking of taste, as you’re feeling euphoric and relaxed, this strain may also make you feel plenty hungry as well. 


“The Ultimate Couchlock” at a Sun Valley Dispensary

We wouldn’t use those words lightly. When we say something is “The Ultimate Couchlock,” we do not mean that it’s a “Pretty Good Couchlock” or even “An Extreme Couchlock.” No, we mean that it’s the “Ultimate Couchlock,” the Apex Couchlock, the Couchlock By Which All Other Couchlocks Will Be Judged. These strong words are used exclusively for our Pacific Stone | Wedding Cake Indica 28g/1oz). Saying that the buds here are dense and that it’s all decadent as well as frosty is a bit of an understatement. 

sun valley dispensary

Sun Valley Dispensary that’s a “Best of Weedmaps”

If you’ve gone to our Weedmaps page to check these items out, you may not have noticed that there’s a “Best of Weedmaps” trophy icon near the top of the page. As it says, this “celebrates retailers that go that extra mile in providing you (the customer) with high-quality listing pages and the best customer service.” If you’ve searched Weedmaps in the past, you know that they don’t exactly just hand that trophy icon out to anybody. You can’t see through the blog, of course, but we’re blushing. To see everything that we have, you can go to our site, stop in, or even just call us at (818) 210-0095.