What’s Ahead for Our Dispensaries in Sun Valley California: Black Joints

dispensaries in sun valley california

Have you been looking for a new way to chill this summer? Are you interested in expanding your horizons and giving something else a shot? At our dispensaries in Sun Valley California, so many of our customers come in for their favorites. That’s great. You find something you love that really connects with you and takes you where you want to go. We love those folks. Additionally, there are people who are always on the lookout, searching for something new. Or, maybe you have your favorites and want to see if there’s something else you can add to them. This summer, we’ve got something that a lot of folks are gonna love: black joints. 


Black Joints: the Basics

We named our place “Roots LA” for a lot of reasons. Not the least of those reasons: our roots really are local, here in Los Angeles. That goes for our products, too. So, the premium cannabis in our black joints is locally grown. On top of that, we offer pre-rolls, too. At Roots LA, we want to be able to offer as much as possible to our customers. Convenience is a big part of that. 


Rolled With Black Hemp Paper

Calling these “black joints” wasn’t just a stylistic choice (of course, they do still look really cool). There are plenty of benefits to hemp-based rolling papers. For one, they can help you to get more flavor from the weed itself. Moreover, growing hemp doesn’t require much (if any) fertilizers, so that makes it better for a cleaner process in general. That means it’s much easier on the environment, too. We see it was one more way to offer folks the best product while doing right by others, too. The gold foiled tip, we felt, is more than “a nice touch.” it’s both a style and a statement of purpose. 


“The Best to Chill and Smoke and Relax”

We could take several hundred words to lay out the science behind that, but really, that’s the truth of these. After the events of the past year, it makes all of the sense in the world that some of us just want something that’s a little better at allowing us to be able to kick back, relax, sink into our couch for a while just not have to worry about stuff. That’s what these black joints are exceptionally good at. This video explains it quite well. 

dispensaries in sun valley california

Our Dispensaries in Sun Valley California

We’re quite proud of the black joints and believe that plenty of folks are going to enjoy them. That said, the rest of our great products aren’t going anywhere. You’ll still be able to get them right here. Or, alternatively, you don’t have to get them “right here” as you’ll be able to have them delivered to you, as well (should you be in the area). There’s nothing sitting back on a warm summer evening and just being able to… relax. For real. For more, check out our site or call (818) 210-0095.