Some of the Most Recommended from Our Weed Store in Sun Valley

weed store in sun valley

“I want to try something new. What do you recommend?” That might be the single most common question that we’re asked at our weed store in Sun Valley. Obviously, the most common response to that question is some variation of: “it depends. What are you looking for?” But, since this is a blog and not a person-to-person interaction, we can’t exactly ask you. That said, we can go into detail about some of the items that come up if you look at the “recommended” section of our site. There’s a reason (a few reasons, actually) why these products are towards the top. 


“Let’s Fly”

With a name like “Hi-Fly Skywalker,” this hybrid had better be able to make you feel good. After all, those are some, (pardon the pun) “high” words to live up to. That said, this strain can absolutely make you feel relaxed, even tingly, and a bit sleepy. The THC is dominant at about 19%. This is the perfect strain if you’ve been dealing with the typical aches and pains throughout the day, or even if you’ve been dealing with more than the typical aches and pains throughout the day. 


El Jefe is Here to Cure Insomnia

Have you ever been unable to sleep, battling with insomnia, and just wished there was a way to command your body to go to sleep? That’s what El Jefe is here for. Also known as “Jefe OG,” this potent indica strain comes from a cross of Rare Dankness #1 and Abusive OG. So, you’ll feel relaxed throughout your body while you bid a not terribly fond farewell to the symptoms that tend to be associated with insomnia. This is a way to feel great and then sleepy on your terms, like a boss. 


Lowell Wedding Cake Pre-roll 1G

Do you want to relax? Not like kinda relax, but to really relax? That’s what Wedding Cake, A. K. A. Pink Cookies, A. K. A. Triangle Mints #23 can provide. You’ll feel relaxed and then you’ll feel euphoric – how’s that sound? The THC here truly is dominant at 22%, so, if your tolerance is a bit low, you may want to be a bit careful here. This strain has only gotten more and more popular over the last so many years. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it as it was named 2019 Strain of the Year by Leafly. 

weed store in sun valley

Plenty More Recommendations from Our Weed Store in Sun Valley

The above are just some of the first things that come up on our site if you look at “Recommended.” That said, folks’ preferences change all of the time. You could talk to someone and get their favorites, and then, talk to them a week later, and find that they have a whole new favorite. That said, our staff is always more than happy to help you find exactly what’s best for you. To see everything we offer head to our site or call (818) 210-0095.