Roots: Best Dispensary in Los Angeles for Deals

Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

Although cannabis is used recreationally by many people, there is a huge population of marijuana users who depend on the plant for medicinal purposes. With this being said, many people need weed more than they simply want it. Roots Dispensary understands this urgency and does not intend on further challenging these users with ridiculously high prices. As a result, Roots has become known as the best dispensary in Los Angeles for daily deals and prices. Roots ensure customers are satisfied with their visit, their products, and the prices, guaranteeing an incomparable experience. Whether you are a recreational customer or a medicinal user, Roots Dispensary has plenty of deals to take advantage of. Continue reading to learn more about the available deals as well as low-priced products to check out before shopping at Roots Dispensary Los Angeles. Discover how to save when shopping at Roots Dispensary Los Angeles.

Deals at The Best Dispensary in Los Angeles 

Roots have become notorious for their wide selection of products as well as their great prices. Roots Dispensary understands that cannabis can be expensive with high tax rates, thus our goal is to ensure customers leave with what they want without spending all their cash. Thus, Roots Dispensary gives customers many chances to save on their favorite products with deals all day long. Read on to learn more about the deals that Roots Dispensary offers.

Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

First Time Deals

The staff at Roots Dispensary does their best to ensure every customer has an incomparable first-time experience at the shop. Roots value customer satisfaction and would like their customers to feel welcomed back to the shop. With this being said, customers are given 20% off their entire order upon their first visit to the store. Given how extensive the menu at Roots is, customers are guaranteed to find what they are looking for and get a chance to save on these products. Whether you are looking for flowers, edibles concentrate, or even topical cannabis products, Roots Dispensary has something in store for every customer.

Happy Hours

If you are a returning customer, there are still ways to save at Roots Dispensary. Roots hold two separate happy hour periods throughout the day. The early bird discount is available from 6 am to 10 am every day of the week and guarantees customers 15% off their order. The mid-day happy hour takes place from 2 pm – 6 pm every day and gives customers the chance to save 15% off their order as well. Roots Dispensary also offers discounts under special circumstances, for example, we give “5% off for veterans, seniors 65 & disabled visitors.” No matter the occasion, Roots wants customers to have the opportunity to save on all their favorite products every day of the week.

Visit Roots to Save on Cannabis

Roots Dispensary continues to gain customer satisfaction with its spectacular deals, extensive inventory, and knowledgeable budtenders. We aim to send every customer home with what they want, purchased at the lowest prices possible. Visit Roots Dispensary Los Angeles to take advantage of the everyday deals and find everything you need to keep you happy and high. Contact Roots Dispensary at (818) 210-0095 to learn more today!