Roots Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles: Affordable Pre-Rolls

Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles

Joints have always been a popular way to consume cannabis, but only recently has it become a convenient way to smoke. Before legalization, if you wanted to smoke a joint, you had to know how to roll it yourself. Since cannabis has become legalized and sold in many forms, people can purchase pre-rolled joints, making smoking easier than ever before. Roots Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles has a huge selection of pre-rolled joints that include singles, packs of joints as well as blunts. These pre-rolls can be purchased starting at just $5.00 per joint. Given how expensive cannabis can be, Roots carries several different brands of affordable pre-rolls, which may make it difficult to decide which pre-rolls are best for you. Read on to find out which brands have become customer favorites with both price and quality.

Learn more about the affordable pre-rolls and packs of pre-rolls sold at Roots Dispensary.

Affordable Pre-Roll Guide

There are many options of affordable pre-rolls sold at Roots Dispensary. The brands that will be highlighted in this piece carry pre-rolls sold as a single joint as well as packs of multiple pre-rolls. These brands include the Jetpack pre-rolls and the Pacific Stone Pre-Rolls. Read on to learn about these specific pre-roll brands.

Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles


The Jetpack pre-rolls are powerful as they are affordable. This brand sells single, half-gram pre-rolls that contain a “combination of strain-specific blended flower, loaded with kief and sprinkled with Stardust,” which is their concentrated shatter. This infusion makes these pre-rolls extremely potent with THC levels that reach beyond 30%. At just $5.00 per joint, these half-gram joints are perfect for a quick on-the-go smoke that will get you as high as you want to be at the lowest of costs. If you’re looking for something to last longer than just one smoke session, the Jetpack company makes pre-roll packs, which are also very affordable and popular. These packs come with five pre-rolls, all of which have been infused with concentrated cannabis. At just $30.00 per pack, these pre-rolls are unbeatable in price as well as high. Pick up the Jetpacks at Roots to save on these tasty pre-rolls.

Pacific Stone

The brand Pacific Stone has become one of the most popular brands on the market due to its quality and unbeatable prices. This brand sells pre-rolls in single tubes which contain two half-gram pre-rolls, as well as packs of fourteen half-gram pre-rolls. The single pack is sold for just $8.00 and provides users with a quality green-house flower smoke. The packs of fourteen have become some of the most popular pre-rolls due to their quantity as well as quality. These packs contain seven grams of “premium flower carefully packed into individually hand-rolled premium pre-rolls at prices surpassed by no one else in the industry.” For only $40.00, users can enjoy several different strains including Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, and 805 Glue. Although they sell out fast, Roots Dispensary makes sure to stay stocked up with Pacific Stone pre-rolls.

Pick Up Affordable Pre-Rolls at Roots Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles

Roots Dispensary has an extensive selection of affordable pre-rolls that include some of the most popular brands such as Pacific Stone and Jetpacks. These pre-rolls never fail to satisfy customers and are continuously available for purchase at Roots Dispensary. Contact Roots Dispensary at (818) 210-0095 to learn more today!