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These options, found at Roots Los Angeles Dispensary, give vegans a chance to experiment with edibles while still staying true to their lifestyle.

No one likes their greens more than a vegan does! Although it is obvious that marijuana flower is vegan-safe, this does not mean that all cannabis products are safe for vegans. Edibles have become a great alternative to smoking weed, as users can gain medicinal benefits without ingesting smoke into their lungs, however, most edibles are not vegan. Edibles typically come in the form of a cookie, chocolate, or gummy and since vegans do not eat dairy or gelatin, this leaves vegans with very few edible options.

Despite this, brands such as Kanha and Cosmic have created vegan edible gummy and cookie options that are both tasty and effective. Kanha Edibles have been voted one of “the industry’s safest, most accurate, and highest quality brands,” as each dose has been formulated to perfection, providing users with a consistent high.

Guide to Vegan Edible Shopping

Vegan edibles can be hard to come by given they typically come in the form of a non-vegan treat. The Kanha brand has made vegan gummy options for both THC and CBD edibles. The other vegan brand carried at Roots is Cosmic, which has mastered the THC edible cookies. Read on to learn the best vegan edible options found at Roots Dispensary.

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Kanha Vegan Edible Options at Roots

Although Kanha gummies are not all vegan, the brand does offer customers a great number of vegan options. This brand has both THC and CBD vegan edibles, allowing these customers to still be able to benefit from the different medicinal values these cannabinoids provide. The flavors of vegan edibles that Kanha offers at Roots include Luscious Lemon Nano Sativa gummies, Blood Orange Bliss Nano indica gummies, and the Serene Green Apple 20:1 CBD gummies. These options allow vegans to experiment with all – indicas, sativas, and CBD edibles to see which works best for them. The indica and Sativa options both have 10 pieces of 10mg edibles with 100mg of THC per bag. As sativas give a euphoric high and indicas a more relaxing sleepy high, many users have also reported that mixing the two creates a perfectly balanced hybrid. These ‘nano’ gummies have been made with “nanomolecular technology to create cannabinoid particles smaller than a wavelength of light, which makes for a quicker onset and higher absorption rate,” thus they hit users faster and harder than the average gummy. Overall, these vegan edible options allow users to experiment with edible cannabis and seek the benefits they provide for safety.

Cosmic Vegan Edible Cookies at Roots Dispensary Los Angeles

Another brand of vegan edibles that is carried at Roots Dispensary is Cosmic. This brand is specifically known for its plant-based, minimal ingredient vegan cookies. These cookies come in several different flavors including chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, and many more. For the most part, these cookies will also contain 10mg of THC per cookie with 10 cookies in each container. This brand also offers single-dose cookies for low-consumers who are just looking for a quick vegan treat to spruce up their day. As these cookies will mostly all have hybrid effects, they can be used at any time of the day and can also help users relax and rest at night. Cosmic cookies have been a great additive to Roots’ edible selection and have allowed vegans to experiment with cannabis at their leisure.

Visit Roots Los Angeles Dispensary for these Top Vegan Picks

As more and more people have begun shifting their lifestyle to incorporate a vegan diet, it is only fair that cannabis-infused edibles create a vegan option for users to enjoy. Brands including Kanha and Cosmic have been quick to pick up on this trend and have made various edibles that are safe for vegans to indulge in. Visit Roots Dispensary to try these vegan gummies and cookies today! Contact Roots Dispensary at (818) 210-0095 to learn more today.