Roots: The Best Dispensary in Los Angeles for Edibles

Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

As the marijuana plant has become somewhat of a treasure with its medicinal values, more and more brands have introduced edible forms of cannabis to their product line. Edibles typically come in the form of gummies, chocolates, or some kind of tasty treat that has been infused with up to 100mg of THC. THC is the psychoactive component of the flower, responsible for the ‘high’ users feel from cannabis. As more medicinal discoveries have been made, edibles now have CBD and CBN options as well. CBD can help relieve anxiety as well as help users stay focused throughout their day. CBN is the sleep component of cannabis, as it “is the most sedative out of all the compounds in cannabis.” Gummies and other treats that contain all three of these valuable cannabinoids can be found at Roots making it the best dispensary in Los Angeles for edibles.

Edibles have become a popular and great alternative to smoking the marijuana plant for health reasons that go beyond weed’s medicinal benefits. As many users report that smoking weed irritates their lungs, particularly those who have other predisposed lung issues, edibles have been a great alternative for these folks to still enjoy and benefit from cannabis without causing any further harm to their lungs and overall health.

Roots Dispensary carries a wide selection of edibles that can benefit customers medicinally while also giving them the high they’re looking for.

How to Shop for Edibles

Edibles can be difficult to shop for if you are not familiar with THC or marijuana’s medicinal components. There are many different options of edibles that contain THC, CBD, CBN, and/or other cannabinoids, all of which provide different effects and benefits. Read on to learn which products we recommend and carry at Roots Dispensary.

Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

THC Edibles

One of the most popular, newer brands of THC edibles that are sold at Roots Dispensary is Lost Farm Edibles. These edibles are unlike many other edible brands as they are made and infused with live resin, as opposed to distillate oil. Live Resin oil is more clean and pure as it contains terpenes and other natural factors that make this oil strain specific to the flower. For example, the Gelato Watermelon chews have been made from the actual live resin oil of the Gelato marijuana flower. The Lost Farm edibles have many different options, allowing users to experiment with different strains and find which works best for them. As live resin is packed with terpenes, it has many medicinal values that can also benefit users who use THC as a medicinal alternative. Overall, Lost Farm Edibles have many unique and beneficial qualities making them a customer and connoisseur favorite.

CBD and CBN Edibles at Roots Dispensary Los Angeles

As CBD is known to relieve anxiety, help you focus, and provide an overall balance to your day, implementing CBD edibles into your daily routine could be very beneficial. Research suggests that CBD can also soothe chronic pain and “reduce inflammation by preventing the release of compounds that trigger inflammation in the body.” As CBD is non-psychoactive, taking CBD edibles at any time of day is essentially harmless. Some of the most popular CBD edibles sold at Roots Dispensary are the Serene Green Apple 20:1 Nano Gummies by Kanha. These edibles have 10mg of CBD and .5mg of THC per piece, providing the perfect dose to soothe any anxiety or pain you may be experiencing. Kanha also offers Tranquility Gummies to help you get to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. These gummies have a 1:1:1 ratio of CBD:CBN: THC and 1mg of melatonin. This 5mg combination of each cannabinoid provides a sedative effect that lasts throughout the night as a result of the CBN. Overall, the Kanha Edibles have great options for all: THC, CBD, and CBN edibles. These edibles, sold at Roots Dispensary, can provide medicinal improvements to your physical self and your daily routine.

Edibles Make Roots the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles!

There is no denying the Roots dispensary edible selection makes it one of the best dispos in LA. From THC to CBD to CBN edibles, Roots has all you need to make your life that much better! Contact Roots Dispensary at (818) 210-0095 to learn more today.