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Marijuana Dispensary Los Angeles

Do you ever feel like you aren’t really getting high anymore? Like you’ve built up a tolerance to the point where nothing seems to hit you? And even when you do take a tolerance break, you feel as though you only get so high, until the feeling just plateaus? This means it is time to up your weed game with some concentrates. Roots have an endless selection of concentrates including top-shelf exclusives available for delivery and storefront at great prices. Although people have been smoking the marijuana plant for countless years, many people are unfamiliar with a cannabis concentrate. The concentrate is the oil extracted from the plant and is smoked through dabbing or vaping. In more recent years, cultivators have discovered new processes of extracting the oil from the plant in ways that preserve terpenes at an optimal level. These different methods produce various forms of concentrate with different consistencies at different values. According to Leafly, solventless extracts are known to be the purest and highest quality of concentrates. A solventless extract essentially means no chemicals were used in the process of making the concentrate. This implies that the oil is clean and pure, made “with nothing more than heat and pressure” and unexposed to any chemicals. Solventless extracts include: live/cured rosin, hash, and water hash. Roots Dispensary is supplied with all forms of top-shelf quality concentrates, including solventless exclusives.

Top Shelf Concentrates guide

When shopping for a solventless extract, it is recommended that you prioritize quality over THC content for example. Quality extracts have been handmade to perfectly balance a unique flavor profile, consistency, and of course the high you feel. Brands that have been considered some of the best of quality include 710 Labs and Feeling Frosty – which are both carried at Roots Dispensary. These brands have mastered the tedious process of making solventless extracts and continue to impress connoisseurs with their new flavors.

Marijuana Dispensary Los Angeles

710 Labs

710 Labs is a Los Angeles-based company that is notorious for its solventless extracts. They have Live Rosin, their specialty Percy Live Rosin strains, Water Hash, and many other products all of which are sold at Roots Dispensary. The flavor is such a crucial component of Live Rosin and is difficult to master, however, 710 labs have managed to preserve the cannabis terpenes optimally, creating incomparable flavor profiles. According to WeedMaps Reviews, 710 Labs is considered “The best solvents around” with “Insane terps.” Although these extracts are considered pricier than the typical concentrate, users state that it is “Worth every penny” as you are paying for the labor and quality of the extract. To further enhance your smoke session, the company recommends users to dab their oils at a low temperature to experience the full flavor and effects of the concentrate.

Feeling Frosty

The other top-shelf solventless extract brand that Roots carries is Feeling Frosty. Feeling Frosty is also California based however it is a much smaller company, making it difficult to come by. Despite this, Roots stays stocked up with this connoisseur brand. Feeling Frosty concentrates are also known for their terpene profiles, as they have managed to create such unique and fruity flavors. Their live rosins are at a perfect consistency where they are not too gooey but also not to the battery, making them easy to work with. According to active users on Dab Connection, “Feeling Frosty delivers on taste, aroma, effects, and medical benefits,” making it some of the best quality concentrate on the market.

Final Thoughts

As explained, solventless extracts are considered the highest quality concentrates due to their lack of chemicals and labor-intensive creation process. The process of making a solventless extract is tedious and precise. However, if this process is completed accurately, groundbreaking concentrates can be made. Brands, 710 Labs, and Feeling Frosty have mastered this process making their solventless extracts some of the best in the industry. Despite their rarity, these products can be found and purchased at Roots Dispensary LA. Contact Roots Dispensary at (818) 210-0095 to learn more today.