Staying Legal When Using Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

There are many Van Nuys weed dispensaries, but chances are that you want to stay within legal parameters when you buy. It’s advisable to know the cannabis laws in your area for better understanding. This knowledge is important for legal compliance. That way you will know if your favorite dispensary in Van Nuys sticks to the federal and local laws and whether you should stay away to keep yourself from facing legal consequences. Here’s a breakdown of the laws in your area.

What is Legal at Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries?

Cannabis is legal in California, but there are age restrictions, much like buying and using alcohol. You must be 21 years of age to buy marijuana. The one exception is if you have a medical use card, accompanied by a physician’s recommendation, in which case you can purchase marijuana if you are 18 years of age or older.

In general, medicinal users can possess larger amounts of cannabis, can grow more plants at home, and can buy larger amounts of marijuana on a daily basis, provided they are doing so under a physicians’ recommendation. The laws in the varying cities and counties may differ, so be aware of them in your location.

Where Can Cannabis be Used?

Cannabis cannot be used in public locations, including restaurants and bars. You must use it on private property only. You cannot smoke cannabis anywhere that prohibits the use of tobacco and cannot use it within 1,000 feet of a school, day care center or youth center when children are on the premises.

Any property owner has the right to ban the use of cannabis on their property. That includes landlords who own and operate rental properties. Most hotels ban the use of marijuana and many vacation rentals do the same.

Keep in mind that cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, which means you cannot use it on any federally owned land, including national parks. You are also prohibited from taking cannabis across state lines.

Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

Driving with Cannabis

Just like with alcohol, it is illegal to have an open container of cannabis when you are driving or riding in any vehicle. If you have marijuana in your car, it must be in a sealed container and stored in the trunk. If you are suspected of operating a vehicle under the influence of weed, you can be pulled over and subjected to a sobriety test.

Growing Cannabis

If you are 21 or older, you can legally grow up to 6 cannabis plants at home. Avoid using volatile substances like butane or propane. Familiarize yourself with the permitting rules in your area for growing cannabis.

When buying cannabis from Van Nuys weed dispensaries, make sure they hold licenses and comply with local laws. At Roots LA, we prioritize top-notch products while adhering to regulations. Come by today for a tailored experience.

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