What Products Will You Find in a Hollywood Dispensary of Recreational Cannabis?

Recreational Hollywood Dispensary

Every Hollywood dispensary of recreational cannabis will have a long list of products that they carry. Since legalization happened almost six years ago, most of these shops have expanded their menu to cater to different types of weed lovers. Nowadays, dispensaries aren’t limited to the usual buds and edibles that many are accustomed to. Step into a shop and you’ll find a plethora of choices that may give you a bad case of option paralysis. So to save you some time and a bit of headache, this article should give you an idea of what products to find in a recreational cannabis dispensary in the Hollywood area.


Cannabis flowers are a staple menu item for every dispensary. For the uninformed and first-time dispensary visitors, this is a term used to describe the harvested and dried plant matter. Now, you may be surprised to see that cannabis flowers probably won’t look like the image you see on TV or in the movies. These days, you’ll see these plants in different hues. Some of them will glisten more than others. As you may know, flowers are ground up and either rolled in a joint or consumed using a pipe or bong. The manner of which will depend on your preference. You can buy flowers per gram at the minimum, but you can also purchase in ounces. The price, of course, will vary from one place to another.

Recreational Hollywood Dispensary


Convenience is the name of the game in today’s cannabis retail industry. That’s one of the reasons why many dispensaries offer delivery services. Another way that these shops make their consumers’ lives easier is by offering pre-rolled joints. Having this kind of convenience is a huge thing for many consumers, especially those who aren’t as skilled at rolling a joint. Many dispensaries will also have a bonus offer of pre-rolls infused with cannabis extract, but this is more for those who want a hard-hitting experience. Unlike the usual gram than most joints contain, pre-rolls have at least three grams and at most six grams, but you can go higher as you wish. That should give you a bang for your buck.


Cannabis edibles post-legalization go way beyond just space cakes and cookies. These days, you’ll find kid treats like gummy bears infused with the magic herb, giving non-smokers the option to partake without putting something in their lungs. You’ll even find cannabis-infused sodas for those who want a refreshing, sugary beverage. Edible cannabis has also expanded in terms of flavor. You can now find savory options like salads, cheese biscuits, and popcorn, which are perfect for those who have a more diverse palate.


With the acceptance of recreational cannabis also came the further boom of medical marijuana. Topical cannabis, in particular, has become a huge hit among those who partake for therapeutic purposes without getting high. They’re the ones who prefer CBD topicals to treat muscle aches and spasms after a long, strenuous leg workout. But if you’re not a fan of applying creams, you also have the option to use oils or skin patches.


This is for those who live on the edge. Cannabis extracts come in different forms: hash, tinctures, wax, and capsules. What sets them apart from all the aforementioned products on this list is the concentration of THC, which can go as high as 99%. That is a far cry compared to the 24% you’ll usually find in flowers. If you’re dabbling with extracts (a.k.a concentrates) for the first time, be sure to tread lightly.

Get These Products From a Trusted Hollywood Dispensary of Recreational Cannabis

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