What’s Considered Mids At Los Angeles Dispensaries?

Los Angeles Dispensaries

None of us want Bammer, Reggie, or schwag. We’re all craving perfectly trimmed top-shelf strains. We want our strains to have complex flavor profiles and potency that send us into the stratosphere. But what THC percentage is considered high-quality? What is THC content considered “mids” or low-quality? Don’t worry; Roots LA has you covered. Here’s what you need to know about THC contents at Los Angeles Dispensaries.

What THC Percentage Is Considered “Mids?”

Ah, mids, a staple amongst stoners and enthusiasts alike. Mids are the bread and butter of every dispensary frequent flyer. “Mids” or middle-grade cannabis isn’t the best and indeed isn’t the worst. Mids are competitively priced and abundant, making them the perfect daily driver for most consumers.

California has some of the best middle-grade cannabis across the globe. Our average bud will get the unsuspecting tourist wholly trashed. If you’re looking for mids, you’ll find strains with THC contents hovering around 12%-16%.

You can find classic Sativa-dominant strains like Blue Dream hovering around this percentage with affordable prices. You can also find more exotic strains, like Orange Creamsicle, in the middle-grade cannabis category.

Los Angeles Dispensaries

How To Choose The Best Strain

We all know choosing the perfect strain is better done in person. Looking at pictures online, reading descriptions, and searching for lab results won’t give you the complete picture. You can smell the strain, feel the nugs, and judge its overall quality when you’re in person. So, how do you choose the perfect middle-grade strain?

Be mindful of any deals going on. You can find excellent strains at bargain prices wherever you go. We provide multiple discounts throughout the day and for our first-time customers. Pay attention to these deals and use them to your advantage to find excellent mids for low prices.

You’ll also want to keep your eyes open for attractive-looking buds in the middle-grade price range. Use your senses to get a complete picture of what the strain and nugs can do. Smell the flowers, feel them in your hand, and observe the details. A strain could be marked as low THC but make up for it with incredible flavors and terpene profiles.

What If I Want Something Top-Shelf or Lower THC?

Look, we’ll never yuck anyone’s yum. Whether you’re looking for the best of the best, the perfect middle ground, or chill low potency vibes, we’ll help you get there.

If you’re searching for top-shelf strains, an excellent place to start is to search for THC percentages around 18%-25%. You can find stunning strains like Sour Diesel x Kosher Kush hovering around 18%. Or you can purchase an eighth of Berry Pie, with a THC content of 22%.

If you wanted something with lower THC, lower grade, or a lower price, search for strains with THC percentages under 10%. You’ll typically find shake and popcorn nugs around this range. These types of products are excellent for making edibles or for rolling pre-rolls. Check out some of our best shake products here!

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