Your Essential Guide to CBD Capsules From a Los Angeles Dispensary

Los Angeles Dispensary

Any Los Angeles dispensary that carries medical cannabis products will likely have CBD capsules on its menu. They will usually come in gel capsule form and will vary in terms of cannabidiol content per milligram.

If you’re a seasoned veteran in the medical cannabis and CBD game, you’ll likely know what to go for once you arrive at the store. But if you’re a beginner who has no idea of what they’re getting into, picking out the right products could take a while.

Now, to help you avoid wasting any of your valuable time, we’ve come up with a rookie’s guide to CBD capsules. And we’re doing this by answering some of the frequently asked questions from first-time buyers.

After reading this, you can hopefully have a more informed approach to guide you through your purchase.

What Should I Consider When Buying CBD Capsules?

There are many things to look at before making that first purchase, but we’ll narrow them down to two: extract type and dosing.

Los Angeles Dispensary

Extract type

Just like with all CBD products, gel capsules have three extract types: full-spectrum, CBD isolate, and THC-free broad spectrum.

Full-spectrum CBD capsules are most potent because all the active cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved. CBD isolates, on the other hand, are made of pure CBD.

The middle ground between the two is broad-spectrum CBD, which is the most well-rounded. With this one, you get a more well-rounded product with all cannabinoids intact. And if you don’t want to get high, there are THC-free broad spectrum capsules.


If you’re doing this for the first time, it’s important to start low and slow. Begin with 5-10mg capsules, then slowly increase your dosage as your usage progresses.

How do you make sure that you’re getting top-quality products?

You know you’re dealing with a reputable brand if it’s been tested by third-party labs for possible pesticides, solvents, and other toxins. You can usually find it in the lab reports, along with a report of the cannabinoid profile you’re dealing with.

If you don’t find this from the CBD product you purchased, there’s a good chance for it to be a fake.

What are the benefits of CBD capsules?

  • They are pre-dosed: With capsules, you know you’re consistent with your doses each time. This makes it easier for your system to adapt properly.
  • It helps the digestive process: Because capsules are ingested through the stomach, it also helps regulate the digestive process.
  • They are suited for travel: There are many regions of the world where even cannabis in oil form is prohibited. But with capsules, you won’t have that problem.

Get Your CBD Capsules From a Reliable Los Angeles Dispensary

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