What’s Live Resin at Los Angeles Dispensaries?

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There are new innovations, extraction methods, and products every year in the cannabis industry. One of the new products you might have heard about at Los Angeles dispensaries is live resin. But what exactly is live resin? Here’s the inside scoop from Roots LA.

What’s Live Resin?

There are several extraction methods for cannabis products. Live resin takes freshly harvested cannabis and freezes them immediately for roughly 24 to 48 hours. The cannabis is blasted with solvents such as butane, propane, or butane hash oil. Afterward, the remaining product is pressed.

The extraction process allows the curing and drying steps to be skipped entirely. Skipping the curing and drying phase is what makes the product “live.” Bypassing these steps might yield a more flavorful and pure cannabis extract.

Live Resin Characteristics

Live resin usually has a vibrant amber hue after the extraction process, although the color can vary slightly. The efficiency of the extraction method affects the color of the concentrate. Live resin is known to have a soft, malleable, and sugar-like consistency from a large number of terpenes. 

Live Resin Flavor

As you know, each cannabis concentrate is going to have a different flavor and aroma. But live resin is preferred by cannabis connoisseurs for its fantastic taste, scent, consistency, and color. Live resin has a higher cannabinoid and terpene profile compared to other extraction methods. This results in a richer and fuller flavor. The terpene profile in Live resin might provide a more pure cannabis experience that’s closer to the original strain.

Brands to Look Out For

Now that you know some of the basics to live resin, you’re probably curious about trying some for yourself. We offer a wide selection of live resin products at Roots LA and carry some of the most respected brands in the industry. A few brands to keep in mind when you visit in person include:

  • OG Gardens
  • 710 Labs
  • Buddies Brand
  • Josh was

Regardless of the brand or product, you’re sure to find a cannabis concentrate that suits your tastes and budget the next time you stop by Roots Los Angeles.

How Expensive is Live Resin?

Live resin can be fairly affordable when compared to other concentrates. For instance, live resin is usually less expensive than live rosin products. This is because the live resin can be produced at a larger scale. There’s a large demand for live resin products which allowed the cannabis industry to develop better production methods. You might find live resin products ranging from $30 to over $75 when you shop at dispensaries.

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We offer a wide variety of daily deals and discounts besides just the ‘Deals’ tab on our online menu. We have a deal for you whether you’re a recreational, medicinal, veteran, disabled, or senior customer! Here are some deals to expect the next time you visit our weed shop:

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