Cancer Treatment Options at a Medical Dispensary in Los Angeles

Medical Dispensary in Los Angeles

It can be scary and overwhelming to get a cancer diagnosis, and chances are you’re looking for any treatment that can help you find relief from the symptoms of the disease and the side effects of chemotherapy. For this reason, you may have heard about cannabis as part of medical treatment and are looking for a medical dispensary in Los Angeles that can help. Fortunately, with your doctor’s recommendation, this can be a great addition to your treatment plan. Keep reading to find out what you need to know.

What to Know About Cannabis for Treating Cancer

There is some research on the compounds in cannabis being beneficial for some cancer symptoms, including pain, nausea and inflammation. Some research also shows that it may help shrink tumors and slow cancer growth. Additionally, it can also improve mood and help alleviate stress. If you want to give it a try, work with your doctor and be sure you choose products from a reputable dispensary, like Roots LA. Now let’s talk about treatment options.

Pharmaceuticals at a Medical Dispensary in Los Angeles

A few pharmaceutical drugs have been developed with synthetic cannabinoids that mimic those in the marijuana plant. However, they may not be as beneficial as the real thing and would require you to take more medication, on top of what you’re already taking for your cancer.


This refers to the actual cannabis plant, specifically the flowering tops, which are dried and smoked or vaped. This can be done by using a vape pen device, smoking or joint or using a bong. However, as there are risks of inhaling the smoke from cannabis, make sure this option is approved by your doctor before trying it.


Concentrates are a form of THC that delivers a more powerful punch than some of the options because it’s concentrated, as the name implies. Like buds or flowers, you will inhale a concentrate, either through a vaping device or by using dabs.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is sometimes used by cancer patients to control their symptoms, but some research shows that it might also be useful for destroying cancer cells so it doesn’t spread. If this is the option you choose, be sure you are getting reputable oils.


This could be a baked good, a gummy or infused peanut butter, among other choices. While they can take approximately 90 minutes to kick in, their cannabis-related effects are often more potent than other methods and can last for longer.


This is a smoke-free option that is ingested by placing drops under your tongue. This makes digestion faster and results come on more quickly. You can find tinctures at dispensaries or can learn to make your own.

Medical Dispensary in Los Angeles


A topical is a cannabis product that is applied to the skin and is a fantastic choice for controlling cancer-related pain. Look for lotions, bath products, balms and massage oils. Roots LA is your go-to medical dispensary in Los Angeles for your cannabis needs Contact us today for help finding the right product for your specific cancer treatment desires. We’re here to help.